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Taxonomy Software- Greek word 'taxis' meaning arrangement or division and 'nomos' meaning law

The word taxonomy has been derived from Greek word 'taxis' meaning arrangement or division and 'nomos' meaning law. Taxonomy is defined as the science of classification according to a pre-determined system and the resultant catalog is used to provide

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CRM Software Can be Used to Record Names and Dates!

CRM software, often called customer relationship management software, is becoming much more popular today than it was in years past. One reason for this is that more people understand what the software is and are deciding to use it. Another reason is

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What Are the Benefits of Spam?

Many of us think that spam is absolutely useless and inefficient as an advertising tool. How can it be of any use if everyone hates it and never read it? There is a huge variety of anti-spam programs designed to detect and filter out spam letters.

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