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SMS Alerts for Auditions and Open Castings

Date Added: October 15, 2008 07:15:48 AM
Author: Andrew
Category: Entertainment: Employment
Talent Text is a Premium SMS service offering   subscribers all the latest hot info on the where & for vacant in the entertainment industry. From who to   contact to register for a spot in series, to what you need to do to secure a role as a   muggle in the next Harry Potter blockbuster. Or   perhaps you're dreaming of , a re-production of Phantom of the Opera   perhaps? Whether you're an established actor looking   for a few extra assignments on the side, or just an   average Joe (or Jane) bored with working nine-to-five,   day-in, day-out, and am researching revenues into a   new career. Acting? Modelling? SInging? Dance? It's   your call, but you make your dreams come true. For more info on what   we can do to help you secure that role you've always   dreamt of, simply visit our website today, at   http://www.talenttext.com.au; Even if you aren't a   resident of Australia, we're still here to help you   out. Just click on the "Glbal Sites" link on the menu   bar to the left, for : the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa,   just to name a few. So go visit our website now, http://www.talenttext.com.au to make the first step in   helping us help you. Go on, we'll see you there!
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