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Few select Mailing List Building Tactics

Date Added: October 18, 2008 05:59:31 AM
Category: Business & Economy
Building an opt in mailing list of responsive subscribers is mandatory in order to fully optimize the profit gaining potential of your internet business. Therefore, discussed below are a few opt in mailing list building tactics that will help you to start building your own very responsive income generating opt in mailing list to take your income to the next level. So let’s get started… 1. Research: You need to fully understand your target audience in order to know exactly where your target market congregates, and where to pull your list members from, knowing what they like and dislike, you can be effective in building your mailing list as well as extracting major profits from your list. For more details go to www.build-huge-list.com. The key part of this step is to get an understanding of where to find them, as well as what they need. 2. Create Report: You need to create a small report that address their need, but does not go into great detail which will create interest and a desire to learn more. You can easily outsource the creation of this report by going to the various freelance websites out there and submit a project. 3. Squeeze Page: Design a squeeze page, that briefly mention benefits that subscribers will get for signing up for your report. When your visitors land on this page, they only have one option, and that is to sign up. Therefore, in order to get them to sign up, you must provide some good copy on your squeeze page to provoke them to respond by giving you their name and email address. One way to do this is to grab some giveaway products and offer it to them for subscribing; this will start building your list. This will also act as the start of your marketing funnel. 4. Cross Promote: Do some online research to find other list owners in your market niche. Email them and offer to cross promote. That is, you will promote their opt-in pages to your list and they will promote your opt-in page to their lists. By setting up just a few deals like this, you will be surprised at how quickly you can grow a massive list. Best of all, this technique is completely free and takes no more than a few minutes to implement. Just do some research and send a few emails to other marketers in your niche. By doing this everyday, you can achieve massive results in no time. On average, you can expect to get about a 5-10% response rate on the emails you send out. And out of those, a few will be happy to do a swap with you. For more information simply login to www.build-own-list.com. Now that you have everything in place you will need to drive traffic to your squeeze page, here are some ways to generate traffic and build a list. 1. Article marketing: Article marketing is one of the slower methods. It takes longer to get results than from other methods, but once you build up a decent amount of articles and submit them, the traffic will just build and build and sooner or later the traffic will be unstoppable. 2. Pay Per Click advertising: Google is at the hub of most Internet searches, it's only right that you should place your business in front of the people there. Use Google Adwords to get instant traffic on a daily basis but set a low daily spending limit as this can get out of hand quick if you don’t monitor is daily.
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