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Article Marketing for Target Leads.

Date Added: October 23, 2008 04:35:10 AM
Author: Sandeep
Category: Computers & Internet
Internet marketing is all about getting good leads and getting targeted traffic to buy your product. After all, this is marketing. Your product can be information, a program, or a physical property; Internet marketing is about sales. Article marketing is one of the most useful marketing tools that an Internet marketer has at their disposal. Writing articles to submit to article content sites is free if you write the articles yourself. Keep your articles unique with unique content. Engage the readers and keep these articles to around 500 words. You do not need to have a degree in creative writing in order to create your own. This is an example that will show you how article marketing can work to make money for you using no money and no website. As an affiliate marketer, you sell products for others and receive commission for each sale you make. Visit Click bank online and create an account with them. Now, select an E-book product that a company wants you to affiliate with. Most of these types of products have a nice commission offered to affiliates when they sell. Once you choose a companies product, they will provide you with a piece of code. These are your code, to direct traffic to their site or go .  If someone clicks on this piece of code and buys the E-book, you receive a commission. For the sake of this example, let us say the E-book product is How to Eliminate Excessive Sweating. The articles you will be writing will be about the problems some individuals face because of excessive sweating. Your niche market will be people who sweat too much. These articles will engage the readers and entice them to want more information, that you provide a link for at the bottom of your article. Let the readers know there are ways to eliminate excessive sweating. If they want more tips and information about this, they can click on the hot link you provided that says Click Here. This hot link you provided for more information is your piece of code that you inserted to take the reader to your companies pitch page for their product they sell to eliminate excessive sweating. Article submission sites are content sites for articles. Many of them are online and submission is free. Join up with an article content site. This article site will let you submit your articles for inclusion in their directory you can visit Your article will get exposure by being indexed by search engines very quickly because your article is now a part of the article content site. The search engines love these sites and index them within a few short days. Also, many site owners will use articles in these content sites for article content on their sites. This method will cost you no money to market this product. It is free marketing for you. You did not even need a website for this method because the code within your link for more information directs your readers to the company’s site. Let them take over from here. When someone purchases that product, you made a commission. This is one article marketing method using excessive sweating as a vehicle. Use SEO writing your article for targeting keywords so your article shows up on search engines when others are looking for information about sweating. There are many other ways to use article marketing. Article marketing is used by many Internet marketers in a variety of different ways to market products and generate target leads. www.effective-contents.com www.writing-fast-cash.com
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