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Creating Product to Sell On the Internet!

Date Added: October 23, 2008 05:51:55 PM
Author: L.Dinesh Singh
Category: Business & Economy
More and more people are getting online every year and this mean that the $170 billion sales transaction will only increase every year. There is a huge market out there on the Internet, but the BIG question is "Are you in a position to tap on this massive, growing market to make money for yourself?” Understand this. You need to have a product to sell on the Internet. Yes, you may be able to sell other people product and earn a commission as a result. However, by selling other people product, you will not be able to brand yourself. Branding oneself is very crucial in Internet marketing, especially if you are selling information product. Why should people buy the information from you? They must believe that you are an expert that can help them to solve their problem, be it financial, health, lack of skill ( better golf stroke, for example ) etcher, I am giving you an idea on how you can create your very own product to sell on the internet, easily. Public Domain Anything articles that are publish before 1923 is considered to be public domain stuff. What do this mean? This means that you can use market the content of the public domain. Some of the besting selling book can be found in the public domain you can visit www.product-creation-secrets.com A good example is the "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. You can annotated the content or add new content in conjunction with what's available ( Think And Grow Rick For Internet Marketers, for example )Use your imagination to make the content more compelling for the people out there in the Internet to buy from you. (Maybe you can imitate the marketing strategy of Harry potter) Private Label Rights There are a lot of private label rights articles out there where you can purchase. Upon purchase, you have the right to market the article and put your name in it. It is as good as you write the article yourself. You have full rights to change the content of the article or add on stuff to it. This is the laziest man way in creating product to sell on the Internet. Software Yes, you can even create software. You may not know how to write software or understand pup, chi code to save your life, but you can hire others to do it. In India or Russia, there are thousand of freelance programmers that can help you create your software at an affordable fee or visit www.instant-info-riches.com all you need is to give them the idea of what you want the software to do. It's that simple. Audio if you have a mouth and can talk with it, you can create an audio product. You can read from the public domain or the private label right that you have created and make it available in audio form. Alternatively, you can interview an expert and capture the content in audio format. There are many ways to create audio product. The sky is your limit.VideoYou can demonstrate the content of the public domain and private label rights content and record it from a digital camera. This way, you will have a video product to sell. What is suggested that you can use to create an audio product is also applicable here. You can interview an expert in front of a digital camera and there you go, you have a product. Opportunity You can sell them the opportunity to make money from your product. Sell them the rights to sell your public domain or private label rights product. This way, you do not need to create additional product and the perceived value is high (every one want to buy an opportunity to make money, that's why selling lottery is the best business) Product sells (if marketing correctly), but opportunity sells even better. These are information product. If you are not in the known, information is the best product to sell on the Internet. It has zero or low inventory cost (all you need is to spent few dollars on some CDs or buy a web hosting storage and you are good to go).And it requires little or no cost to create.  http://www.info-product-profit-revealed.com http://www.instant-cd-products.com
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