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Different Types of Membership Sites

Date Added: October 27, 2008 08:52:35 PM
Author: L.Dinesh Singh
Category: Business & Economy
When considering such an endeavor, it is important to know what your options are. While there may be a variety of variations on these themes, membership sites come in 7 basic flavors. Cautiously examine your options to help you decide how you would like to set up your membership site. Listed Below you will find the seven styles of membership sites: 1. Coaching/ Mentoring Sites. A coaching site will provide members with help, support and guidance with regards to a particular theme or topic. For more details visit to www.secure-member-area.com. You will find sites offering coaching in life issues, business, occupational categories - the range is boundless. The advantage of this kind of site is that it allows you to offer your expertise to hundreds, even thousands, of members at one time, rather than on an individual basis. 2. Private Label Rights. PLR sites provide a variety of articles focused around one specific keyword, phrase or concept. These articles can then legally be modified. For this reason, many webmasters or bloggers subscribe to PLR sites to increase their own site's content or to create their own e-books or site items. 3. Social Sites. Obviously this kind of site has become massively popular in recent times with the incredible growth of friendship and 'dating' sites but they can also be designed to enable, say, dog lovers, riders, or people with any other characteristics, hobbies or lifestyle choices to communicate with each other. 4. Content Sites. A very desirable site to have when providing relevant information to a very specific interest. Members pay a monthly fee to get this information in a single resource as it is not available without extensive research. 5. Paid Newsletter. This is also a type of paid monthly membership service that has possibly been around the longest. A writer or website owner would bring together specific content that is related to a particular theme. The membership benefits by having all the up to date information readily accessible to them without having to sort through various media outlets to find the same information. 6. Message Boards or Forums. Perhaps the oldest type of membership site, the forum or message board is typically free of charge. They are usually used as a sort of community center on a website. for more information logon to www.awesome-membership-riches.com. This allows enthusiasts of that particular websites topic to post relevant messages to other enthusiasts. While you might be able to charge a very low membership fee to access forum containing rare information, it is not likely. 7. Content Delivered by Video or Audio. These types of membership sites offer audio or video files to its membership usually on a monthly basis so they can be published on the member’s site. Hopefully you can see that owning a membership site still fits the usual business model of supply and demand. Regardless of the type of membership site you start, it is important to provide quality information that people are willing to pay for. http://www.start-ownbiz.com http://www.starting-membership-site.com
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