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Emailing the right way

Date Added: November 07, 2008 06:43:25 AM
Author: Bhrat Brij
Category: Business & Economy
Have you ever felt worried about your emailing list very often? Do you get nightmares about losing your subscribers, getting angry hateful email and other horrifying things? You are not at alone. There has always been a big time debate on how much should one email their lists. Some people will boldly say appropriate intervals, but I don’t have a clue of how does anyone figure out the blanket frequency rate that is to be put for all lists across all the markets.The matter of fact is that for every emailing list there is no fixed size for all. But there are few fixed guidelines which should be kept in mind. These guide lines are listed below.Stay in the minds of customers and prospectsThe main motto of email marketing is to keep the business in the minds of the customers and prospects. You also want to be considered as the go-to source of information that you share with the readers and also the products that you sell them. Emailing them not very frequently but rarely t would create problem as well because in that case they would forget about you and your information.Can emailing too often be a good option for marketing?It may appear to be the right option. It is for you to decide what works for your list and your market the best. To help in the determination of what works you, parameters such as response rate, open rates, etc can be very helpful.I personally email 2 to 3 times weekly my internet marketing list to people. It is very natural that some people do not really appreciate it but I have noticed that it works really well in grand scheme of many things and I am here to please the majority number, which are my active subscribers. If someone is on my list, I write emails which are very short. And amongst all the product promotion that I do, there are more than plenty of stuff, information which is free. In all the other that I have dabbed with, I have found a formula which is quite similar and works well. You must stay in touch like a couple of times in a week, trying to keep it short and sweet.So it means that I should email more often than I usually do???No, definitely not. If you go online weekly and if it suits you then it’s fine, otherwise don’t sweat, but you must start doing some testing.For instance, if you send a weekly email which includes information of a few different fields, try breaking it into multiple emails. Your readers’ attention gets diminished if there are too many things being talked about the reader can not concentrate on one aspect. Instead you should send them one email at a time per subject and the improvement in response rate will be appreciable. Value should be the target always!It’s not the frequency that matter but the value that you provide your customers with as they would react to your emails accordingly.Bhrat Brij specialize in guiding for Work from home jobs. Visit Onlinecashjobs.com to know how to earn money online.
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