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What Our Kids Are Saying

Date Added: November 10, 2008 06:13:01 AM
Author: whatarekidssaying
Category: Education
Most people have gotten a chuckle out of a story about a child or something that they have said regarding a particular situation or topic, but have you ever stopped and thought that our children really do have something to say?What our kids are saying is that they have their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings and they would love to share them with the world. Giving Kids Voices Their Due The youth of the world have a great, inhibited and honest take on the world around us and sometimes their most innocent thoughts can make us laugh. Many people pay big money to laugh and why do we do this? We love to forget about life for a bit or better yet, we love to laugh about the craziness that we may face because it makes it easier to deal with. Many people enjoyed shows surrounding kids and the things they say because we know how honest they will be and they have no fear of saying the things that we are probably thinking. The funny things kids say can revolve around their opinions on church, God, school, science, life, and love.The funny things kids say are the most innocent and precious words that warm our hearts and make us laugh out loud. Some of the stories, quips, from kids quotes, and sayings will make it to books, emails, and websites. These sayings are done so in innocence but can be hilarious. A few examples include: • "I'm glad that I'm finally 8 – it's the oldest I have ever been!" says a little boy about his birthday • "Mom said I needed to use this sponge and soap" says a child when her Dad suggests she use elbow grease to clean a mess. • "There's no one in there!" says a little boy when he found his dad knocking on the wall, looking for a supporting stud, to hang a picture. From Humorous To Humble  What our kids are saying is not always in humor. Many kids have been a part of a life that is not so innocent, safe, and funny. These children have things to say, as well. They need a creative and safe place to share their inner most thoughts and feelings with others. They need a place where they can read other writings, from peers from around the world, and hopefully find peace and understanding that they may not be the only one experiencing certain thoughts and feelings. WAKS is a great place for the very young to let the world what is going on with their life, but it is just important for teens to do the same.What Are Kids Saying is a creative outlet for all ages. WAKS is a safe place for teens to write about their heavy lives and events like school, family, friends, violence and other things that affect them. It is important for kids to express themselves, and they deserve a safe creative place to do so. How about WAKS? Whatarekidssaying.com is a resource that give today’s youth a voice amongst their peers and in society. What are kids saying strives to be the best place on the internet for kids to have a voice, express their views, and cherish and nurture their literary talents. As one of the safe websites for children, whatarekidssaying.com provides free contests for kids, encouraging computer skills for children. Spokesperson, Greg Jennings encourages participation in writing competitions for children to help them discover other kids quotes and sayings.
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