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Some Tips to help you learn!

Date Added: December 16, 2008 05:42:15 PM
Author: Neelmani
Category: Health
So many people want to lose weight and put in an honest effort to do so, yet the results are less than satisfying. Although the person has very good intentions without the proper guidance or knowledge it is likely the intentions will not prevail, only disappointment. Here are 5 tips to help you learn how to lose weight fast and keep it off. 1. Increase the amount of water you drink daily to between 10-12 8 oz glasses. Water helps you body to rid itself of the toxins within. It also can push your metabolism into high gear. Try to drink water instead of the sugary drinks you would normally drink. Limit the caffeine beverages you drink as well, this doesn’t mean you can no longer have a cup of coffee in the morning. However instead of getting that second cup you should switch to water, orange juice or green tea. For more details you can visit at www.auto-cons.com 2. Cut back on the sugar you consume. Sugar is not a suggested food group when you are dieting because it has a lot of calories that are unnecessary for the body and in many cases dangerous for weight loss. 3. Watching the amount of bad fats that you consume are necessary in achieving weight loss. You should reduce the entire amount of fat you consume daily. You can do this by using non stick pans to cook food, this way you do not need oil or butter to grease the pan. Substitute olive oil for vegetable oil and cut the amount in half. 4. Change the way you eat. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day eat 4 or 5 smaller meals a day. This will keep you from actually being hungry and needing to eat such large portions to feel full. Don’t eat until you are full, instead eat until you are no longer hungry. Chew your food thoroughly and longer than you usually would. Slow down on how fast you eat also. You can also visit at www.answer-service.com 5. This is probably the most difficult thing to do, forget about having sugary snacks after dinner. You should instead have a healthy snack while you are watching television. Try celery sticks with peanut butter, raisins or make a slushy out of your favorite fruit juice and ice cubes. Combine these five tips and a regular exercise routine and you will surely finally be on the right path for weight loss. These tips are designed to help you learn how to lose weight fast without having to take weight loss pills or appetite suppressants. Naturally make your body healthier.
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