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Why You Need A Pro for Content Writing

Date Added: December 27, 2008 10:41:39 AM
Author: search rankpros
Category: Computers & Internet
Before you spend hundreds of hours and hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars on web design, consider the importance of good content writing. Most business owners review dozens of web designers work before they find the right one for their online business. However, they don’t often spend enough time to the content of their newly designed website. Content writing is a vital part of the web design process when getting your business online. Understanding what content writing is will go a long way in ensuring that your website is working for you effectively. Content writingis a time consuming job and a knowledge of exactly what does and doesn’t work for the web. Content writing often requires strong research. Some new business owners, in an attempt to cut expenses, will take it upon themselves to write their own content. The problem with writing your own content is that the average business owner doesn’t know how to put together content that targets the customers they want to reach. Additionally, business owners are often in a rush to get their site up and running and throw their content together haphazardly. Content writing requires time and effort and just the right words put together to effectively generate business. The content writers at GoGets.com are experts and skilled in putting together words effectively in order to reach your customers. GoGets.com content writers know they need to use shorter sentences, shorter words and paragraphs that will get your message across. GoGets.com content writers are skilled at presenting one idea per paragraph to get and keep your customer’s attention. When it comes to content writing, more is not necessarily best and the content writers at GoGets.com know how to write concise text. With years of writing experience, our writers are familiar with the inverted pyramid style that puts the most important point first using simple words that reach every customer. We aim to build credibility rather than use words that are long or overly promotional. Our writers also know when  to include bulleted lists, highlighted text or hyperlinked texts. Last but not least, content writing from GoGets.com uses headlines and subheads so that your customer can quickly find the information they’re looking for. GoGets.com knows that today most people find reading on the web to be too much work. Most people don’t like reading from computer screens that tire their eyes and slow down their reading. Statistics point to the fact that 80% of readers on the web prefer to scan or skim text rather than read word for word. Often their eyes will ‘jump’ to highlighted text or bold colored text. Today we are a society that wants everything now and wants it fast. Customers are in a hurry to get the information they want and move on. They don’t want to scroll through hundreds of words to find what they’re looking for. They will just as soon move on to another site if they aren’t enjoying their visit at yours. Think of this: you have 10 seconds to grab the consumer’s attention with your web site content and within 55 seconds they have formed their understanding of your company or product. What does this mean? It means you need the expertise of GoGets.com’ team of content writers to give your customers content writing that is original, interesting and sure to keep them coming back.
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