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Some Important Tips And Secrets Of The Best List Building!

Date Added: January 14, 2009 07:37:23 AM
Author: Simran Chaudhary
Category: Computers & Internet
I think list building is the most important strategy you can follow when Internet Marketing. The reason is fairly simple; when you have a visitor to your web-site, you have just one opportunity for that visitor to take a desired action (i.e. bookmark, opt in, sign up, recommend, inquire, purchase etc.). However, if that visitor signs up to your list, then you have many more opportunities to encourage that visitor to take a desired action. My tips: 1. Give away a LOT. You will get it back (in one shape or form). 2. Add multiple opt-in forms to all your web pages, give people plenty of opportunity to sign up. I make no apology for the fly in you get when you enter, for more details visit to www.mailing-list-gold.com nor the exit pop up either. I want you to sign up!! 3. Give away a valuable gift. In my case, I give away over 100 free gifts, worth nearly $3,000!! 4. Make your content relevant and keep your subscribers happy. Go over the top. Like I say, give away a LOT. 5. Use drop-down boxes or pop-ups. It's a fine line and I know I go over the top, but pop up, drop down, fly in, test them out and see which works best. 6. Use squeeze pages. In other words, a page where the visitor has little option other than to sign up. Of course, you need them to WANT to sign up, that's where the 'squeeze' comes in. 7. Publish articles and submit them everywhere. Point your author resource box at your squeeze page. More on Article Marketing here 8. Write a review page, publish that on other blogs, again, leading to your squeeze page. 9. Record audios and publish podcasts 10. Use forum postings 11. Use a good tell a friend script 12. Start your own forum 13. Invest in Pay Per Click advertising such as Adwords or Yahoo 14. Write testimonials for other people to gain publicity 15. Publish a viral e-book with links to your squeeze page embedded. 16. Swap ads with other publishers. This can be as simple as 'you show mine, I'll show yours' all the way through to a genuine joint venture. 17. Run a contest to create buzz 18. Create a membership site only for subscribers 19. Create another opt-in form on someone's thank you page 20. Publish a Press Release 21. Purchase ezine solo ads or classified ads in ezines 22. Sumbit to ezine directories 23. Create a giveaway application or plug in 24. Use Top Sponsors' Ads in ezines 25. Give your business card away to everyone you meet 26. Create your own Affiliate program for your own product 27. Add URL links to your email signatures 28. Keep your newsletter off the spam lists 29. Create a 5 day e-course for new subscribers 30. Purchase subscribers (going rate around 30c per subscriber) 31. Copy from the best. Sign up for newsletters. Carefully take note of the different tactics used, from the sign up (was it fly in, for more details visit to www.email-auto-format.com pop up, inline etc.?), what type of page was the landing page from the opt in form? After you confirmed your e-mail address? What incentive was used to encourage you to sign up? What was the content like? Copy the best ideas!! What did you like? What didn't you like? I'm sure you get the idea 32. Use List Hero http://www.confessions-followup-marketing.com http://www.mailing-lists-manager.com 33. Use Automated List Builder.
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