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How Can Start Contacting Potential Joint Venture Partnership?

Date Added: January 16, 2009 01:33:22 PM
Author: Anand Singh
Category: Business & Economy
If you have been on-line for any amount of time you will have heard of successful product launches and the part that joint ventures had to play in these. Joint ventures have generally been seen as the reserve of the more experienced and successful on-line marketer. However to actually approach a potential joint venture partner it is not always necessary to be established, although it does help of course. The traditional and popular view is that joint ventures are developed in the following way. 1. Marketers who operate in a similar field. 2. Product creators already with a product to promote 3. Marketers who have a substantial list of subscribers that they can market to. These components are seen as necessary assets to have in place to be attractive to another potential joint venture partner, for more details visit to www.joint-venture-guide.com but if you find yourself in a position of not having these attributes, how do you begin? Firstly, whether you are new and inexperienced or an experienced on-line marketer for that matter, whatever idea you may have needs to be proven to be mutually beneficial to all parties. So for example it would be typical for a joint venture partner to be paid lets say 80% commission against say 50% for normal affiliates. This obviously is recognising the value of the joint venture partner, and for the product creator they receive not only a potential massive influx of visitors that should increase sales volume, but also find themselves building their list with the visitors who don't purchase straight away but sign up for a free offer of sorts. Before you can start contacting potential joint venture partners you need to become visible, this could be achieved by:- 1.Purchasing their products and providing testimonial feedback. 2.Writing comments on their blogs. 3.Getting on their newsletters to establish the personality of the marketer. 4.Trying to get introduced at a seminar event. 5.Conducting reviews of the marketers products. If you get an opportunity to talk to a potential joint venture partner you cannot just expect to get straight into a conversation about your joint venture request, for more details visit to www.jointwebventures.com break the ice and let them get to know you a little. When your chance does come to discuss any joint venture request, highlight what's in it for them! Remember it's you that needs them and not the other way round. It's also courtesy and etiquette to conduct yourself in this manner, the person you are making contact with has already got their success and deserves a little respect for doing so. If you have not got the normal components to be a joint venture partner you need to have an idea that provides you with a product with their assistance but provides more positive exposure to them and their business ventures. This could be provided: 1. In the product itself 2. Ads contained within the product 3. Products offered in a OTO It is not impossible to contact already successful marketers if you have done your home work first, make contact and approach in the right way and have a sound and good business idea that can prove beneficial to all parties. It takes not unlike anything else time, dedication and a little bit of patience and hard work.
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