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Successful Membership Sites Is Constantly Adding Value!

Date Added: January 20, 2009 08:26:41 PM
Author: Lovelydutta
Category: Computers & Internet
The site would contain valuable information about selecting the right putting iron. The site might have articles on golfing or ebooks on famous golf courses. The site could sell physical products like golf balls and tees. The membership site may have a forum where fellow golfers could discuss handicaps, and golfing techniques, or golf shoes. When designing your membership site you may decide to visit similar membership sites that are already up and running to see what they are offering so that you can make your site unique. In our golfing example the future membership owner may decide to read golf magazines and visti book stores to locate current books on golfing. The owner may decide to join golfing ezines or for more details visit to www.member-site-manager.com do some social networking. All of these things will help the new owner to investigate the demand for the golfing niche and help to determine what can be done to make the new golf membership different from what is already out there. After doing initial research the site owner will want to conduct a keyword search to be sure that the market or niche is not already too saturated. Competition is healthy as long as the newcomer can think of something that can be offered that is better or unique. On the other hand make sure that your niche isnot too small because the profits won't be enough. Once you have chosen a niche and are confident that there is a big enough demand for what you have to offer you will want to decide on all of the services you will be providing to your members. You want to be different from your competition yet provide valuable information, mentorship or products. Membership sites can offer all kinds of things to their members such as affiliate opportunities, articles, blogs, and free articles for members to reprint, discounts on products and services from 3rd party companies, ebooks, for more details visit to www.secure-member-area.com forums for members to share information and ideas, interviews with experts in the field, seminars, software, and tutorials on the topic. Successful membership sites are constantly adding value to the site by adding new products and services, introducing new tutorials or seminars, providing new resources or giving members new ways to communicate with each other as new technology is developed. Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article writing success, 'Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide'. www.member-site-manager.com www.secure-member-area.com  
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