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Google Adsense Help On Improving Your Site Content

Date Added: January 22, 2009 01:04:49 PM
Author: Anand Singh
Category: Business & Economy
Many people seek information on attaining decent "pr" (page rank) with Google. They usually start somewhere when they begin and usually it’s a pretty simple web page with a Google ad. If they are insistent upon reaching success with Google Adsense that page will turn into something bigger. Usually when someone wants to achieve success they do not want to cut corners. They need to be ambitious and continue to look for a niche. Premade Google Adsense pages usually come with some sort of news feed in RSS and they usually have other auto update features. I don't really like this idea for auto content. for more detail go to:www.thegoogleincome.com.Automated content is not as effective as people would like you to believe. The reason why is because usually your own auto content feeder is set to update content that is relative to your site. Well every single webmaster that runs a site that has the same content and feeder settings are nearly duplicating your site by coincidence. Rich fresh content is the ultimate key. I stress this repeatedly throughout all of my Google articles and let me say that it is important. Do not copy content from other websites! Now don't worry. You won't likely get sued for it. It will just keep you from standing out in the search results. And standing out is exactly what you are attempting to achieve! In the short "how to" paragraph below I will explain how to "stay fresh" on the web. I will update this article when my free ebook is finished to allow you to download more information and help on improving your site content and helping you deliver fresher content more often. A Few Simple Steps to Achieving Fresh Content Daily For Free! First make sure you are not doing the following. I am not copying content from other websites to get fresh content daily. This is important. Fresh content is your own content! You can NOT get fresh content when you are getting it from another online source. This is a misleading scam that many websites use to get people to subscribe via RSS or to copy and paste snippets of code to increase their pr by having their content on so many other people’s websites. I am not falling for software offers that promise fresh content daily via PHP script. These can be useful in providing stickiness but should not be used as a fresh content daily strategy that you turn on and walk away from. These tools should be used only in addition to your own daily fresh content inserts into your page source. I am not displaying more ads than content! This one surely doesn't get enough attention! People can tell if you are straining for content when your page is more than 60% ads and 40% or less is decent alluring content. For more help visit to: www.yourgoogleincome.com.Be original and at least attempt to balance out your content so that your pages are unique and can get more people bookmarking them. Nowadays people bookmark pages in so many ways like "Dig" and "Face book" and so many others including "Stumble" and the classic browser bookmarks. These are pr building bookmarks! They work well to build your page rank and are considered Backlinks! Begin Building Fresh Adsense Pages That Are Rich and Fresh In Content! First you need a niche topic that is really hot! Like maybe a page on celebrities for example. If you watch a lot of television you could keep up to date on this by checking out the Entertainment News channels. Sure its old news by the time it hits your page but the point is it’s written in your own words and you are going to update this daily. This will become your sole duty when online everyday. Always check the top headlines on all of the news channels that cover Entertainment so that you will be quick to jot the new facts down.
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