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The Sunbrella Store

Date Added: August 25, 2008 02:34:45 PM
Author: pratik
Category: Shopping
Sunbrella Fabrics are available in thousand styles designed for indoor furniture and almost 100 colors available for outdoor Sunbrellas having a lots of varieties in shape. Sunbrella fabrics are easy to use, having a long term durability and easy to clean having a lots of variety in shape, color and design. 1) What is Sunbrella Fabric ? -> Sunbrella is a famous brand in indoor and outdoor fabrics which made of synthetic canvas also called dyed acrylic fabric solution. It gives protection from rain, wind, sun resistance while maintaining its beauty. 2) What are the various use of sunbrella ? -> You can enjoy your quiet time with relaxation. -> You have yoga practice. -> You can save energy with our retractable awnings. -> You can get sun energy while laying on sunbrella. 3) Do sunbrella provides Ultra Violet protection? -> Yes. It has been tested and proved that Sunbrella Fabrics provide 98% protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. 4) Is Sunbrella Fabric waterproof ? -> Sunbrella Fabric is water repellent not waterproof. And you can refresh this water repellency by 303 high tech fabric guard. Sunbrella is a popular brand in interior & exterior fabrics and gives dyed acrylic fabric solution(one type of synthetic canvas). Here acrylic refers to the hard part of fibers which provide protection against ultra violet light. This term is also known as sunbrella outdoor fabric and gives protection from rain, wind and sun resistance while maintaining its beauty. Based on its use the sunbrella is categorized in different grades. Outdoor fabrics comes in lot of varieties with sunbrella. You are on the beach or on the garden or any natural place, sunbrella gives high fashion look and durability.
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