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Truth About Making Money With Blogging!

Date Added: January 24, 2009 07:47:58 AM
Author: kamal deep jangra
Category: Blogs
Blogging -I've noticed that most new bloggers who are still learning the ins and outs of making money online, for more details visit to www.your-own-blog.com have 'make money online' blogs themselves. I was wondering why that is. I did it too. One reason that comes to mind is that as a newbie you are probably buying all kinds of ebooks in an effort to make money online. After you read a few of them and start to try to absorb all the information you suddenly feel like the only niche there is online that matters is the 'make money online' niche itself. You might think that since you are interested in making money blogging that the whole world is too. No doubt the writers of many 'make money blogging' ebooks stuff these ebooks to the gills with affiliate links and of course entice you to sell the book itself as an affiliate. You figure that since you bought the book, you can probably sell it to someone else right? Then you go and try to sell it and what happens? You don't make any money and you feel like there is just so much more for you to learn before you ever will. What the ebooks don't tell you about the MMO niche is that there really isn't any money in it compared to other niches. The amount of searches per day for topics related to internet marketing and making money online is relatively small compared to something like the Vitamin industry or the weight loss industry. It's hard for newbies to want to believe this though. Why? Because as we learn about internet marketing and making money online, for more details visit to www.rss-announcers.com some of us if not most of us start to feel a bit knowledgeable after a short while. This creates the desire to want to share and express what you've learned about making money online. Since this is a new passion for newbies they tend to be very enthusiastic about their MMo journey and love to blog about it. Perhaps lots of newbies are enticed by the idea of becoming the next 'make money blogging' guru and they are looking to establish credibility in the niche from day one. Unfortunately most bloggers are taught that they have to be some kind of expert in the niche they are blogging in. This keeps the newbie from considering many golden opportunities. Lasik eye surgery might be a profitable adsense niche but if you are not an authority on Lasik eye surgery then how can you 'blog' about it?
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