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Easy Instructions to Increase Membership Site Profits!

Date Added: January 27, 2009 04:27:33 PM
Author: Alexa
Category: Business & Economy
Learning to increase membership sales isn't as complex as it seems. While some may want you to believe that it's as complicated as advanced calculus, it's not. You might find it surprising to know that increasing membership sales is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.   1) Ask yourself this question: Would you buy a membership from your site? If the answer is no, you will never increase membership sales. For more details go to: www.awesome-membership-riches.com when you have confidence in your products, it shows.   2) Would you rather pay $15 for a product and only get an automated response when you need assistance? Or would you rather pay $25 for the same product and know that you're going to get assistance when you need it? Good customer service always wins.   3) No one is going to pay $29.99 a month for a site if it looks as if it was made by a 5 year old. If you're not sure that your membership site looks up to par, ask for reviews from other webmasters and Internet marketers.   4) Make a blog or pay someone to do it for you. A blog is a great way to promote your website and products. Give your readers a taste of what your website has to offer and you'll leave them begging for more. 5) Include testimonials, reviews, statistical graphs, etc. on your website. This shows future customers that other people are already enjoying your product or service.   6) Offering referrals is a great way to get your customers to do some of the work for you. Give your previous customers a discount on their membership or a free gift for new customers that they bring in.   7) Have 2-3 different membership levels (free, silver, gold, etc.). This way you can increase membership sales by accommodating more customers according to their budget. Just remember to add more quality content as the membership level goes higher.   8) Make sure your domain and product names are catchy and easy to remember. Everyone will remember iloveapples.com, but no one is going to remember ilovegrannysmithapplesfromohio.com.   9) Sign up for places like Yahoo! answers and Google answers. Find questions that people are asking that are related to your products or service. Once you've answered a question, you can add your link as the ''source''.   10) Writing articles is an easy way to promote your membership site. Write an article about one of your products or services and submit it to various articles directories. If you don't have the time or know how to do so, hire an article writer to complete the task.   11) Advertise with your signature. Place a link to your website in the signature section of your profile to every message board and forum that you belong to. Do this for your email accounts as well.   12) When you have the extra cash, a quick way to increase membership sales is by buying the often-misspelled versions of your domain name and redirecting them to your site.   13) Visit the websites of your competitors to see what you're missing. For can visit to: www.member-site-manager.com Take notes on how they market their products and what they're offering their members in return.   14) Create a blog, photo album, forum, etc. for your members. Not only will this get your customers an incentive to continue their membership, but it will attract new members as well.   15) Giving trial memberships is one of the best ways to increase membership sales. Give your future customers a limited amount of days they can access the site or limit the pages they can view.   No matter how many of these methods you use to increase your membership sales, you will receive fantastic results. Not only will these tips keep your current customers from canceling their memberships, you'll add new members along the way.
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