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Move over Moet Personalised champagne for newly weds

Date Added: January 30, 2009 03:20:37 PM
Author: John Smith
Category: Shopping
Organising a wedding can be a nerve racking job. The guest list is revised again and again, and deciding on a seating plan is almost a full time job. The flowers have to be ordered, the gift list compiled. Of course, the bridesmaids, best man or woman and ushers have to be selected and kitted out in their special outfits. And second only to what the bride is going to wear is probably the difficult decision of what kind of bubbly to offer the wedding guests. Champagne is such a delicious and stylish tipple that it is so appropriate for that extremely important occasion. It is the drink of choice of the rich and famous and is associated with quality and style. Probably the special occasion most associated with champagne is the celebration of a wedding. We all start the wedding breakfast with a glass of Bucks Fizz, and the bride usually has a glass of bubbly to boost her confidence and steady the nerves before the wedding ceremony, be it traditional or alternative. The long and sometimes boring speeches are traditionally finished with a heap of toasts to all the necessary people involved in making the event so enjoyable. To make a wedding ultra special, ordering Personalised Gifts of bottles of champagne with special message such as the names of the betrothed are bound to impress the wedding guests, satisfy the frazzled bride and make for a completely enjoyable and memorable celebration. In fact, personalised gifts such as bottles of champagne can carry any short message you wish, and will make lovely gifts to be presented to the bride and groom; perhaps for them to enjoy on their own once the whole thing is over. Such Personalised Gifts will bring back the thrill of the occasion for them, bring the good memories flooding back and lift them out of the inevitable post wedding flatness as they come back down to earth. Not just any old champagne, this personalised champagne gifts range is a perfect blend of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, made especially from the first pressing or premiere cuvee, resulting in an exceptionally fine and memorable taste. There is a great range of labels for newlyweds. A beautiful personalised gift Just Married bottle of champagne packaged in a charming gift box has a stylish wedding themed label carrying the message of your choice. Alternatively, a stunning Wedding Ring label is a very classy way of saying congratulations. And you simply cannot resist the beautiful Wedding Cake label which shows a crisp white cake with fabulous dark purple sugar roses and soft green leaves. This will make the perfect accompaniment to a slice of rich wedding cake long after the wedding guests have staggered off home. Moving away from the traditional theme, a great style of personalised gift champagne is the label depicting a wedding invitation with your wedding, your names and the date of the big day printed for all eternity. In fact, if the budget stretches that far, and if only a handful of guests are to be invited, wouldn't this be a great way of inviting people to the wedding. Imagine receiving wedding invitations attached to quality personalised gifts - bottles of champers no less! Are you struggling to find a gift for the newlyweds, something that will express your joy at the happy occasion? Even if it is not included on the gifts list they will both appreciate these considerate and quality Personalised Gifts once the honeymoon is finished. And if you are the one to compile the list of presents, why not stick this little treasure on there. You can't have enough bubbly, and no matter how many bottles you receive each personalised gift bottle will have a different message and be a special reminder of your day. These delightful and tasteful personalised gifts can even be given to the groom from the bride and vice versa. A Classic Romance champagne bottle shows a romantic tree carving with love heart and both your names, saying everything there is to say, and would make a great pre-wedding gift at a time when you will both probably be at the end of your tethers with anxiety. When you are feeling that more attention is being given to the preparations than to each other, your solution is in this personalised gift. So whether you are organising the catering side of things for that all important and memorable big day, or compiling a gift list, do not forget to include the personalised champagne to enhance the mood and touch the hearts of the newlyweds
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