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Making the most of TV Wall Mounts.

Date Added: February 06, 2009 01:09:39 PM
Author: Phil Battison
Category: Shopping
People tend to put a lot of effort into home interior decoration.After all, when living in a house you like it to be comfortable, practical and presentable.  Most homes get messy sometimes, as children and pets like to run riot (not to mention adults!).One way in which to make organization less daunting is to put furniture and equipment in the right place right from the word go.  Placing televisions is an area in which there isn’t always that much choice.No matter how hard you try,in smaller rooms there is often only one place a TV would be practical, where it is in plain sight and away from glare.Recently there has been an increase in the popularity of TV Wall Mounts as they allow for far more options when positioning your TV,as well as being a great space saving solution.Whether you decide to wall mount a TV yourself, or get the professionals in, there are a few ways in which choosing the ideal location and TV wall mount can be simplified. In many ways,placing a modern flat screen TV on a wall is like hanging a picture up.Where will it be most appreciated?  How high up does it need to be? Where will viewers be? Will they be standing, sitting or lying down? Generally pictures are hung so that the horizontal centre line of the image is on eye level for most people when they are standing.This is a technique often used by art galleries.When putting up a TV the consideration may need to be a bit different,mainly because viewers are usually seated.  Having said this,wall mounted TVs at eye level for people on the sofa don’t seem very popular. As many don’t seem to like televisions to be low on the wall, and also don’t want to have sore necks from having to stare higher up, there are TV wall mounts available that tilt.This makes them easier to view from lower positions. You are likely to have an idea of whereabouts you want a TV to go, but before starting to install it there are some techniques that will allow a position to be tested.If possible try to make a card or paper sheet the same size as the TV in question and temporarily fix this is the desired location.You can then try to view it from various seats and parts of the room.If viewing is clear and comfortable you are on to a winning position, but it may be that your TV wall mount will have to be positioned differently.  It is also suggested that areas where a TV is likely to be subject to a lot of additional heat are best avoided.If uncertain, seek advice.  Having found the ideal spot,the next thing to decide is whether you are able to select and secure the appropriate TV wall mount.If not,try to find a trustworthy professional who will be able to do the hard work for you.If you decide to go ahead and fit it yourself,it is best to have at least two people when lifting the TV to make life easier,especially if they are large and very expensive!  Once the job is complete, just sit back and enjoy.
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