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Internet Marketing and Make Some Money Online.

Date Added: February 09, 2009 05:59:03 AM
Author: mukesh
Category: Computers & Internet
Everybody has a different idea of what multiple streams of income is. You hear this phrase thrown around like a beach ball. But very few people really understand what this concept really is. Well, this article is going to set the record straight once and for all. After reading this, you may be surprised at what the real truth is. A lot of people think that what this means is simply to throw up a ton of affiliate links on several blogs or other forms of media and with that they have a multiple income stream. This couldn't be farther from the truth. www.social-marketing-secret.com A true example of this concept is below. When you read it, you will truly understand it. Let's take a fictional marketer. We'll call him John Doe. John Doe has decided that he wants to get into Fair enough. Okay, so the first thing he does is some research and finds out that it is recommended that he gets income from as many sources as he can. John, being the intelligent marketer that he is, takes this advice to heart and does just that. The first thing he does is starts a membership site in the Internet marketing niche that provides sales copy services to new marketers at affordable rates. Since he is an excellent writer, he knows he can make a go of this. The service does very nicely, but he's not resting on his laurels. He decides that he needs to diversify. The next thing he does is he starts a product review site for many products in the Internet marketing niche. The posts honest reviews, either for or against a product, and then includes an affiliate link at the bottom of the review so that people can check out the product itself. He makes quite a few sales doing this. But John isn't done. The next thing he does is to go completely outside of the Internet marketing niche itself. He decides to get into the field of alternative health. He knows a lot about the subject and realizes that he has a great deal of information that he can share with others. www.website-convertion-secrets.com  So he puts up a site with articles on alternative health and in the process promotes some products on the subject as well. He even writes his own book on the subject and sells it through Clickbank. Am I painting a clear enough picture? With what John Doe is doing, if any of these niches were to fall apart on him. he would still have the income from the other niches. That is the true meaning of multiple streams of income. http://www.split-test-profits.com www.popups-generator.com
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