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Plasma Mounts and Practicality.

Date Added: February 10, 2009 02:58:27 PM
Author: Phil Battison
Category: Shopping
Plasma screen televisions are becoming increasingly available and affordable for the general public, as are other flat panel displays.  Plasmas have slightly different requirements to other televisions, one reason being that they are quite heavy.  Due to this, specific plasma mounts should be used to support them.  Companies that manufacture plasma TVs and/or TV accessories are well aware of this issue, which means there are a variety of mounts, stands and specialist furniture on the market.  No matter what the style of a room or house, there seems to be a way of making a flat panel televisions fit in.  Larger sized screens are often placed on wall brackets and can be fitted with frames to make them look more pleasing.  Frequently these frames are made of wood that matches surrounding furniture or just looks more discreet than the black or silver plastic that often forms the screen surround.  If there is a preference for a piece of furniture to house the TV,then a buyer will need to ensure it is suitable to bear the weight  of a plasma screen of the size being used.  Again, these can be made of wood in order to keep a more traditional feel, and cupboards with solid doors can be used to house and conceal DVD players, games consoles and other technology.Others, however, prefer to show off the latest gadgets in their possession and these needs are also catered for; many stands have shelving or glass fronted display cabinets.  Modern looking Plasma Mounts are often made of either strong glass or wood with metal tubular supports.  In the private home there are a variety of TV mounting options for set locations, but business and professional environments may call for televisions to be much more mobile.  In response to this, stands on castors that can be wheeled from room to room are readily available; these are used frequently in schools and larger offices.  Some can even hold two screens alongside each other for use in presentations, but as with any stand, ensure these are strong enough for heavy plasma screens. Moving house is always a stressful experience and moving a TV is not always as simple as wheeling it to the desired location!  Steps can be taken to ensure that transporting a plasma television is as simple and safe as possible.  Ensure that there are two people to carry the TV when needed.  If the original packaging has been kept, it is now time to re use it, if the not, the following technique may be useful.  Begin by laying a thick blanket on the floor in front of where the TV is placed; carefully disconnect power cables and other equipment and store safely elsewhere.  Remove the TV itself from its plasma mount and place it screen facing upwards on the blanket.  It is essential that the screen be placed facing upwards, or the weight of the rest of the TV can damage it.  Wrap the blanket around the television and tie or tape in place.  Reinforce this with card board or something similar if possible, and place away from objects that may cause damage during transit.   Take care of a plasma screen and it will provide excellent quality pictures in a number of applications.       
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