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Blogging: - Blog can boost your Writing Income!

Date Added: February 11, 2009 09:26:58 AM
Author: gurvinder talwar
Category: Computers & Internet
So when you think blog, think "instant publication." Now let's look at secret ways in which your blog can boost your writing income. 1. More Blogs Equal More Money I have many blogs, and each blog has a purpose. Blogs take time to develop a readership. Usually when I create a blog, for more details visit to www.blog-and-ping.com it's for a project which is either currently in development, or which I intend to develop a year or two from now. Think of each blog you create as an investment. Your investment in a blog may not pay off for several years, just as real-world investments. 2. Sell Yourself and Your Products on Your Blogs If you're a new writer, a blog will help you because you'll become visible online. It helps you to build your name. Make a list of all the writing services you provide, and make sure that you advertise these on your blog. As your writing services business grows, create a blog for each service. If you're writing articles, for example, create an articles blog. If you're writing a book, create a blog for the book. And so on. Ensure that you use your own name on each of your blogs. This means that when a potential buyer of your writing types your name into a Web search engine, for more details visit to www.blogers-guide-to-profit.com all your blogs will show up. You develop credibility as a writer. This leads to our final secret. 3. Every Blog Post Is an Advertisement for You Every blog, and every post on that blog, is an advertisement for you as a writer. Writers are in high demand on the Web; however you need to build credibility as a Web writer, and trust. Every blog you create displays your writing skill. This cuts down on your need to hunt for writing jobs, because clients come to you. Eventually, if you focus on blogging, you'll have more clients than you can handle. Blogging is a way to become an established writer, fast. If you're not blogging, your writing career will never be as successful as it could be. Start a blog (or another one) today. If the subscriber chose not to cancel his account with the website, automation of the system will again work on its own Username and password are stored in the database of the membership software program; thus, they will be ready all the time or when the subscriber requests for them. If the member happens to forget his account password, he is just to request by clicking a request link, and then the website automatically retrieves the information; then e-mails it. The management membership software is fully-automated system, in which it handles most of the maintenance to ensure better relationship with the members. With this feature, it leaves you little work of maintaining so you have plenty of time to focus on other essential needs of your membership websites. It also avoids you from encountering a complex maze of databases because the software also automates the storage of all pertinent details supplied by the members.
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