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Audio Product Creation - How you can excel with audio product creation?

Date Added: February 12, 2009 04:28:05 AM
Author: Shanta Singh
Category: Arts & Humanities
Creating audio products like CD series and MP3s is one of the best ways to grow your business. You can use them as lead generators for your high ticket products or as traffic-generating tools. They are also great in positioning yourself as an authority in your chosen niche or in boosting your opt-in list. In addition, you can earn easy money from these products by selling them. Here's how you can excel with audio product creation: 1. Choose an interesting topic. Just like with other information base products, you need to go with topics that your potential clients will find interesting so you will generate the kind of attention you need online. For more details www.instant-info-riches.com  I suggest that you talk about the things that they are passionate about like their hobbies or other areas of interest or talk about their problems that you can resolve. You can get an idea as to what specific topic you can touch on by doing a keyword research and by directly asking your target market on relevant blogs and forums. 2. Use an attention-grabbing title. What are you going to discuss on your audio product? What are the benefits that it can offer to your listeners? What sets it apart from the rest? Why people should listen to it? You will need to communicate all your answers to these questions on your title. Why? So you potential clients will have a solid idea about what's in it for them. 3. Create an outline. Before you do your recording, I recommend that you create an outline that will serve as the blueprint of your audio product. It doesn't have to be wordy but it must be detailed. It must contain every piece of information that you need to discuss to promote better understanding. 4. Practice. Practice. Practice. To sound more confident and collected on the actual day of recording, make sure that you rehearse your content at least twice or until you get familiar with the flow of your content. For more details www.instant-info-riches.com It would help if you can practice in front of a small audience, (preferably a group of marketers who have experience in creating audio products) who can offer you with suggestions or feedback on how you can make your creations sound stronger and more powerful. 5. Do a sound check. You will need to do this so you'll know ahead of time if your recording will sound clear and crisp. Eliminate annoying background noises before you get started. By the way, are you a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, small business owner or online marketer who is tired of getting paid less than you are worth for your coaching and consulting? What if you could learn how to package and sell your coaching packages for $4k, $8k, even $12k or $25k and enroll multiple clients per month at those prices? To begin learning how you can sell your own coaching for between $4k and $25k per client, download my new recording: "How to Sell High Ticket Products Online" here: High Ticket Selling Secrets Sean Mize teaches coaches, consultants, and small business owners how to package their knowledge and sell it in high priced coaching, consulting, and online class packages. Sean says "If you have an existing marketable service or skill that you can teach others, I can teach you to package it into a high-priced class or coaching program, guaranteed" http://www.instant-cd-products.com http://www.product-creation-secrets.com
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