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The Highest Four Techniques to Implement On Blog Marketing

Date Added: February 14, 2009 01:35:40 AM
Author: ganeshi lal
Category: Computers & Internet
You’ve heard of some basic Web 2.0 features such as the RSS, podcasts, social bookmarking and social networking. If not, do read up more on them because these strategies are being practically used by a lot of Internet marketers trying to make their way in the world of the Internet. Web 2.0 is generally a bunch of new Internet software features that can help you in your Internet business. Blog marketing with Web 2.0 features have loads of benefits for your business such as bringing you loads of traffic to your blog, increase the number of your subscribers, improve your website conversion rate, give your sites a lot more exposure to search engines and much more. To properly implement blog marketing strategies with Web 2.0 features you have to: 1. Understand Them You have to study each Web 2.0 feature and understand how they work in blog marketing. You must ask yourself these questions: - How can RSS feeds make visitors come back to your site? - How do social networking sites work? - How can social bookmarking help to improve my traffic? - Are there other Web 2.0 features that can help me improve my site's recognition? The more questions you ask yourself, the more you are disposed to find out how these Web 2.0 techniques work. 2. Test, Test and Test One thing about Internet marketing is, you can't just bet that once you have applied a technique, you can see it working. Testing out a new addition to your site is important because you have to find out in which part of the site is the most optimized position to make it work. 3. Apply Them To Your Blog When you know how these Web 2.0 features work, apply them to your blog and let your visitors know that you have these Web 2.0 features that they can make use of to make them feel as interacted as possible with your blog. It is best to get articles or ebooks that show you how to apply these features step-by-step, so that you won't get confused. Or, you can just hire a web programmer or designer to help you apply them. http://www.greatblogbox.com http://www.blog-link-generator.com For example, your RSS feed logo can be placed at any part of your site for your visitors to subscribe to, but testing it at different parts of the site for a certain amount of time can make you gauge where most of the visitors sign up for your RSS feed at. You can also go to www.building-blog-empire.com. Once you have found that position, you can then just place the feed there as its final position. Once you see these Web 2.0 methods working on your site, you can then focus on other Internet marketing related strategies like how to turn your visitors into your subscribers or buyers, writing a good web copy, how to improve sales and so on. These three tips are the basic principals for you to focus on when you are into blog marketing, so never forget about them when you apply Web 2.0 strategies.  
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