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Easy tips and tricks to become a good article writer

Date Added: February 28, 2009 08:55:35 AM
Author: Bhrat Brij
Category: Business & Economy
Ask anybody if he can earn enough money to survive comfortably, by writing articles, freelance article writing, content writing, and other writing jobs online. The answer is yes, possibly, but after a couple of years. The reason is because there are many content writers out there. So, if you want to be a face among the crowd, continue posting your CVS and writing samples to every job posting in the hope that one of them might accept you. On the other hand, here am I going to tell you some tips about how to become an efficient article writer, which you might find useful when you are looking for an article writing gig in the future. Know everything about your subject -- if you know what you are talking about, you would be able to explain it better, to your readers out there. Now I know everything about keeping dogs, in fact I consider myself an authority in taking care of dogs, their general health etc.. I can spin out hundreds of articles on this topic, like: what to do when your dog is sick? How to take care of little puppies? What is the best diet for keeping your dog healthy? Etc. every single person who comes to me with a sick dog to treat, is a potential article material. The problem of his dog and its solution can give me material for an article, if it is expressed in a humorous and informative way to hold the reader’s interest. If you write one article every two days, by the end of the month you have 15 articles. You can start a blog on dog care, invite queries, look for solutions and make sure that your web page becomes an interactive site for taking care of these lovable mutts. In a couple of months, you might consider yourself on your way to writing freelance articles for magazines who want your expertise in dog care. This is just an example, but you can use the following example for anything , car care, motorcycle care, how to take care of your garden, anything which you know that you are capable of writing upon with your whole heart ,and have an interest in, is meant to be a matter for future articles. Write regularly every day. I got enthusiastic about writing about beauty tips For Associated Content, but soon got bored, because I was not earning anything much from it. What they were dishing out to me, was what I earned in a minute, in my regular job! For the first couple of months and possibly years, you will need to have a regular income coming in, while you are trying your hand at freelance writing and article writing. It is only after you have made a name for yourself and have some money coming in, that you can afford to go to writing full-time.
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