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Why is a professional book cover important

Date Added: March 07, 2009 07:12:10 AM
Author: Bhrat Brij
Category: Business & Economy
Take it from me. If you happen to be a writer, with hopes of getting your book exploding on the literary scene, a professional cover is a must. How do I know that, well I have been in the publishing field since 1999. And I noticed that the writers wanted their own ideas of the book covers to be displayed, on their book. I had to put a foot down firmly. Their ideas would be incorporated but the book cover would be professionally PhotoShop designed by our in-house experienced team of designer, Mel, and I. Well, let me admit that our book sales have risen from 2% to 30%! Let me tell you the reason. If you are a lady, buying a book, you do not expect an abstract scenery on the cover of a romance novel, you might subconsciously be looking for a brawny hunk and a curvaceous lady on the cover. These sorts of covers are what have made Dorchester Publishing so well read. Mel put on photos of scenery for one of my e-books Duel of hearts, which said absolutely nothing about the story, till I put on a designed PhotoShop cover , with full graphic color cameos of the hero and heroine, as well as a war background showing what the book was all about. When you go on the net, your first impression of whether a book is readable is read the blurb. Hmmm, interesting. Then see the cover. Hmmmm, attractive , you can visualize what the hero and heroine look like. Buy this book now! A professional cover means that you have taken pains with the book as well as edited it meticulously before putting it on sale. So you know that this place will give you quality stuff. And that is why you are tempted to browse on the other products on the site, maybe by author, or by book. A boring cover cannot entice, attract and beguile a prospective reader to buy your book. If your cover explodes out of the screen, “that cover has sump’n,” it means that you have one buyer already lined up. When I was a kid, M & B started out attracting potential clients with true to story covers made by Will Davies. Now they uses real life photographs totally unrelated to the story ( i.e Beautiful blonde on the cover, with dark headed hunk- when the story’s heroine is auburn haired and the hero is blond!)This cover might be attractive and make you buy the book, till you see the auburn haired heroine who wears glasses, never went to sea with the hero, wearing a bubble cut white dress and diamonds in her ears, as seen on the cover. So that’s that. Your client won’t buy your book again. So keep your covers true to the characters.
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