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You need to get it submitted to the article directories

Date Added: March 10, 2009 06:39:48 AM
Author: MJ SERVE
Category: Business & Economy
You can make article writing a key to topping the search engine Google. The key factors that determine the rankings in a search engine are whether it is optimized for keywords the number of links back to your site from other sites. Tips on Article Writing Write about what you know. If you write about things you have experience with, you write with more conviction. This makes for better articles and more readers will want to see more of your stuff. For more details go to: www.article-promotion-course.com and if you don't know much about a topic, then do some research to get more familiar with it. You probably have a hobby that people would like to know more about. Articles on hobbies like photography, cooking, music, and gardening are some that will get readers. Article writing needs to be kept short - A four hundred word article is just about perfect. If a longer article is a must, keep it around 1500 words. Just ensure that the article has sustained reader interest. Focus on your keywords while you write, but also remember to use words naturally and don't pack keywords into your article in an unnatural way. But do put your keyword phrase into your title, first and last paragraph and dispersed within the body of your article. Also be sure to include other related keyword phrases. Not only will this make your article more interesting to read, the search engines will like it better too. Once you have it written, you need to get it submitted to the article directories. This is where you will get the links back to your site. And if you can submit or make available unique variations of your article, then other webmasters are more likely to want to use it on their website or newsletter. If you take your time and write something readable and useful, you will find that many site and especially article directories will want to use your article. For help visit: www.newbies-copywriting.com every website owner needs to supply their readers with useful information, and if you are the author that gives it to them, you will get the backlinks to your site when they publish your article on their sites. You may not see results overnight. You need to give the search engines time to spider the sites where your article is located and then update their index. Even 100 inbound links may not make a big difference in your rankings, depending on how competitive your topic is. But your efforts will reward you in long term links and if you continue to submit articles you will find that the work involved more than outweighs the benefits, and is a much better long term marketing strategy than many others. http://www.ezines-marketing-magic.com http://www.perfect-ghostwriter.com
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