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Production Creation Creating Your First E-book

Date Added: March 10, 2009 06:40:46 AM
Author: MJ SERVE
Category: Business & Economy
So how do you create your first ebook Now remember earlier you made a list of how you could improve on the products that are currently available in your particular niche, lets use the same example, Digital Photography for Beginners. Software Most Ebooks are written in Word first and then converted to another format. If you want to concentrate on writing content and cant be bothered with formatting or conversion issues, you can hire a company to convert the file for you. However, the fees for such a service can be quite hefty and its not difficult to convert the Word file yourself. Make a list of twelve things you could write about Digital Photography for Beginners. Now I know absolutely nothing about this niche but lets pretend I do. A sample draft of my list might look something like this: Digital Photography for Beginners 1. Choosing your first camera 2. Preparing your new camera 3. The basics of your digital camera 4. Exposure for Beginners 5. How to create a strong photo stopped here  6. Create photos without clutter 7. The Rule of Thirds 8. Framing your Views 9. Taking Close Ups 10. Photographic Projects 11. Tips, Tricks and Techniques 12. Resources Now the twelve items above can serve as chapter headings. What you need to do now is create subheadings for each of the above chapters. You might want to do this in a couple of sittings. You can make a note of between 3 to 5 different things that you can write about in the above twelve chapter headings. For more detail www.ebookcreationtoolkit.com You cant really add illustrations directly into Word you can, but its a nuisance so if you plan to create an Ebook with a lot of pictures, its a better idea to use a desktop publishing program. Always leave enough of a margin between the illustration and the text, and add captions when necessary. If you create a minimum of three subheadings per chapter, you would have created 36 different topics for your ebook. Let us look at the first chapter which is choosing your first camera. My three subheadings might look something like this: Choosing your first camera o deciding your budget o deciding your pixels o researching the best model available. Not a bad first draft Than you have to visit www.ebookmarketingexposed.com this exercise will make the writing of your ebook a lot quicker and easier to complete. The reason the internet has taken off the way it has is because it allows anybody from anywhere to access information about what interests them and whether you are buying a new TV or subscribing to a newsletter what you want is the best information available to help you make the right decision. http://www.create-own-ebook.com http://www.create-free-pdf.com
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