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Blogging for dollars requires that you market and promote your bloge Market

Date Added: March 12, 2009 09:20:17 AM
Author: Crystal Williams
Category: Blogs
Blogging for dollars can be lucrative if done the right way. There are things you must do to ensure financial gains with your blog. These are not one-time steps that you should do; these actions are continuous and the financial livelihood of your blog depends on them. 1. Your content should be relevant to what you're readership wants. It should be of good quality, free of spelling and grammatical errors. Blogging for dollars requires you to update your blog on a regular basis. For more details www.blog-and-ping.com me people do updates every day, others two to three times a week. As long as you're sticking to what you have committed each week, your readers will continue to stick with you. The search engines thrive for blog updates. 2. You should constantly research relevant keywords. The keyword listing can change often; what may be relevant today may not be in the future. Keywords are very important to use when blogging for dollars. The keywords should be included in the blog's title and in your blog posts. However, when you use them, do it with caution. Google will pass you over if they think you're stuffing keywords in your blog like you would stuff a turkey. 3. In addition to constantly doing keyword searches, you must also constantly research your niche. You should have a head start on information before someone else gets it out there. When you're blogging for dollars, you want people to believe that you're an expert in that area. 4. When making postings to your blog, try to be informal and cultivate a relationship with your readers. They, in turn will see you as someone they can trust with information when it comes out. 5. How are people going to know about it if you don't talk about it? You can do this by using article marketing or pay-per-click ads. You can also get the word out by submitting your blog to blogrolls and RSS feeds. You should create back links to let others know about your blog. You would do this by going to blogs that are relevant to yours. You can leave a comment and your signature link. For more details www.profit-pulling-toolbars.com is is another way to get your blog in the search engines. In addition to that, use anchor text along with relevant keywords. 6. In order for your visitors to get to your information, your blog site should be easy to navigate. Use links, tabs and/or drop down boxes to show them where they can find information. 7. Another thing you can do when blogging for dollars is to enhance your blog. You can do this by placing ads on your blog site. You can use Google AdSense to do this. The advertisers will place ads on your blog that are relevant to your niche. As you get more visitors and increase readership, you can make more money. Using Google AdSense can be a lucrative blogging stream if you stick with it. If you want to get the best dollars for blogging, then you must follow these tips in order to get effective results.
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