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Starting off – choosing Ballet Shoes

Date Added: March 31, 2009 09:24:52 AM
Author: Cedric Grosjean
Category: Business & Economy
Ballet shoes are a symbol of elegance, gracefulness and culture in their own right. They are often featured in paintings and stories as well as artistic photographs and films. Many very young children dream of being ballet dancers, performing amazing moves and wearing beautiful costumes in front of admiring audiences. Professional dancers tend to start lessons at a very early age, and if a child is consistently enthusiastic, parents may want to consider lessons. Ballet is a healthy and rewarding hobby, which can lead to an amazing career. If the decision is made for a child to commence lessons, or indeed if embarking on lessons yourself, an important and exciting starting point is to choose a pair of ballet shoes. At first glance the choice available is overwhelming! Asking a tutor or dance school for advice may be beneficial if in doubt as to what is required. They may be able to recommend a brand and style that is suited to the course in question. Choosing a trusted make is of great importance. When purchasing shoes for children, many are tempted to select as slightly larger size than necessary to allow for quick growth. However, ballet shoes need to fit like a glove, they cannot be too large or too small, so choosing good quality but reasonably priced shoes that are replaced when necessary may be the best option. For beginners, full soled shoes are preferable, split soled shoes are usually used after a dancer is a bit more experienced when added foot flexibility is required. In all cases, choose ballet shoes that are comfortable and best support your or your child’s feet. Ballet is far more than just a dance, it is a way of life for many and therefore a large community exists, where strong friendships can be formed with likeminded people. A good way to ensure a happy time when learning to dance is to choose a reputable dance tutor. A good tutor will support a novice dancer through all the basics and make sure they are comfortable with each stage before moving on. Some pupils may wish to gain more experience in a specialist school environment, especially if becoming professional is an achievable goal. A dance school should provide a caring and encouraging service to pupils, catering for a range of abilities considerately. Every dancer is unique, talents need to be nurtured and skills honed. Joining the dance community is a great way for adults and children alike to make new friends, gain confidence and learn new skills. Some may wish to spend their lives devoted to the production and performance of ballet, whereas others may just wish to take on an exciting new hobby. And let’s not forget that some things start as hobbies and grow further than originally imagined! From helping choose ballet shoes to cheering at performances, it is important for families, friends and teachers to be as supportive and encouraging as possible, to help a dancer achieve their goals happily and healthily.
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