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Some Deadly Search Engine Marketing Sins

Date Added: September 11, 2008 04:09:15 AM
Author: ranjan
Category: Computers & Internet
A lot of time and energy goes into developing an attractive website. The pitfalls of mediocrity can be avoided by paying attention to 3 common mistakes. Inadequate Keyword Research it pays to spend extra time to focus on the keyword that catches the most traffic. Do research in detail to find the target keyword. Use the "view source" feature of internet explorer to check out the keyword Meta tag of each top-ranking site. Select the site that lists lots of keywords. Repeat this exercise with at least 10 top listing sites. Search in Google and Overture will yield more keyword ideas. You will soon have a long list of possible keywords and keyword phrases. Enhance the keyword kitty by a search on Access word tracker to compile results. Then, sort out the strongest keywords by KEI. To improve your KEI search, use the spreadsheet available at effectiveness-rank.html. Once you have sorted out the desired keywords, highlight the most profitable ones. Develop at least 100 pages of content, by taking top 25 on the list and creating content. Repeat the similar process with in batches of 25 top keywords every time. Plural form of keyword phrases, two or three keyword phrases, and a set of several conjoined keyword phrases generate more traffic than a single keyword. For example "Irish setter dog dishes" gives "Irish setter", "dog", "dog dishes", "setter dog dishes". Site Bloat Visitors lose interest in slow loading sites. Avoid using huge graphics or flash, for they take a long time to download. Keep the page load times under 12 seconds on a 28.8 modem to sustain interest on website. Too Few Links Ensure good editorial listings for the website by continuously interlinking with the best of other online resources. Links can account for up to 80 per cent of success with Google. Most niches require a healthy collection of links to be competitive. Links from good quality sites help you dominate high rank with some search engines. Use important keywords in hyperlinks. It works very well when the name of the page you hyperlink to has the same keyword as that in your hyperlink. Develop link worthy content on regular basis. Now that you are familiar with the deadly sins, you should try to avoid them to enable a speedy and easy research.       
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