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Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask

Date Added: April 23, 2009 10:50:58 AM
Author: SubHun
Category: Blogs: Eclectic
The Japanese are opting to very rationale approaches, when they feel they are not content with any existing quest, seeing that they have bundles of pragmatic paradigms to materialize them.  So, after some thought they came up with a striking notion that, a new version of underwater camera’s demand has inextricably increased, then they started to work on.  The gadget would be ready soon, and will come out of the laboratory, and be available in the open houses of Japan. This gadget appears to be the most productive and attractive, that is ready to surface from the laboratory of Yokohama region. This gadget would be assisting to not only behold even get the snaps of the aqua world.  The underwater invader, having sub-aqua kit will experience all the flora and fauna, speckled in the seas and oceans. Needless to buy an additional camera, or swimming strokes or an exquisite underwater rucksack, what you need merely, you should be a well versed user of this underwater chic device, and you can achieve much more, what you haven’t even thought of. Whilst employing advanced CMOS sending technology at either 3.1 or 5 megapixel resolution, the in-fitted camera is available, complete with 16 Mb of in-fitted memory; a microSD card slot, a USB port, VGA video mode …  and to the extent  its own LCD screen.  Tempered glass viewing panels, may ensure your eyes at ease, without any damp, assisting you to spotlight on the aqua landscape, gleaming ahead of you. Features • Underwater goggles with integrated digital camera • 5 megapixel resolution • Fitted-in MicroSD card slot and USB port • LCD display panel Specification • Dimensions: height - 13.0 cm, width - 19.0 cm, depth - 9.0 cm • Weight: 0.663 Kg • Batteries: Energizer Ultraplus - AAA battery (4 pack)
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