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Certain to Surprise

Date Added: May 01, 2009 09:53:58 AM
Author: John Smith
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services
It's especially good to plan special surprises for people who are reaching milestones those specific ages when we celebrate more than ever. When it comes to birthdays you can make them even more special if you plan surprises for the birthday person! This applies for any big birthday however in this article we'll be looking at ways to surprise people on their 18th birthday. We're not just talking about surprising 18th birthday gifts, either. As well as getting unexpected 18th Birthday gifts, consider throwing a surprise party or even inviting some people to the party who the birthday person might not expect to see. Surprise presents There are many interesting 18th birthday gifts out there. However, if you want to come up with some 18th Birthday gifts which really surprise the recipient you might have to think outside the box. So many 18 year olds have things they'd love to do in life, they might want to sky dive or even fly a plane. That means that experience days can make brilliant surprise 18th birthday gifts. There are also experience days for all kinds of people. If the person you have in mind loves singing you could get an experience day which will book them in for a recording session to make a single of their favourite song, or if they love cars you could let them speed around Silverstone race track in a beautiful Ferrari 360. No-one would expect to get gifts like these for their 18th birthday so experience days make brilliant presents. What's more, you could also buy a token present to help your friend or relative remember their experience day. Using a car fanatic as an example, you could get them the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini around a race track and also give them a glossy, detailed 'build your own' Lamborghini toy kit. Once they'd built the car they could keep it on the shelf as a reminder of their day zooming around a track in a machine worth over 130,000. Surprise parties If you really want to surprise someone on their 18th birthday consider arranging a surprise party. It's not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is get in touch with their friends and relatives behind their back and tell them to bring along a bottle of wine or a few beers. Then use your own home or another friend's make some party food, grab some CDs or an MP3 player and you're set. To make a surprise party extra special you should blow up some balloons and put up some decorations. Also ask guests to arrive before the birthday person does, that way they can all shout surprise when they come through the door! Surprise guests Another way to surprise people on their birthday is to get in touch with those friends who have moved away and can't visit frequently and invite them down. It is very common for 18 year olds to miss their friends when they choose to go to different universities. There can also be cousins and relatives who are a similar age to the birthday person who don't get to visit them too often. By inviting surprise guests to a surprise party, you'll make the day seem like even more of a special event. It can be great to hug the people who you have been missing, on your birthday and share a drink together. If you know anyone who can play live music, local musicians can also make great surprise guests because they can add some atmospheric and affordable entertainment to a party. Chances are, if you're throwing a surprise party for an 18 year old some of their friends may even be in a band. Entertainment There are lots of other ways to add entertainment to a party for 18 year olds. For example, just because someone's turning 18 it doesn't mean they're too old for party games. You can make 'grown up pass the parcels' using miniature spirits, luxury chocolates and other fun items such as kazoos and whistles the parcel can be thrown around the room until the music stops. Then, a layer can be removed and the person holding the parcel takes their prize. You could also make up other silly games such as pin-the-tail on-the-donkey, or a pub style quiz. You could hire a bouncy castle, a street-style magician, or just a good DJ to play the 18 year old birthday person's favourite tunes. If you get a mini snooker table or other games as 18th Birthday gifts then, once they've been unwrapped, they can be used during the party. However you choose to keep people laughing and smiling is up to you, but don't forget to take plenty of photographs to remember the evening! For further information, please visit http://www.gettingpersonal.co.uk
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