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The New Joint Venture Techniques

Date Added: September 13, 2008 06:11:17 AM
Author: ginfop3
Category: Business & Economy
Do you want the latest joint venture guidelines? If you have been on-line for any amount of time and have watched the trends that take place chiefly but not totally within internet marketing you cannot have missed the buzz that is created when joint venture marketing is explained. The established view is that joint venture marketing is a closed shop where recognized on-line marketers agree to support each others product launches and for any one else it is tricky to break into this select group. The reality is simple these marketers are successful and have worked hard to sit in their private club and deserve great credit for their achievements. That's right you will find no guru bashing here most of these marketers are normal folks who through there success have gained lofty status, but is it beyond the more innocent marketer to join such an elite group. In the past right up until recently there have been a number of pre-requisites from what I have observed. 1. Some one has traditional both a product and a name as a specialist in an exacting area, like Adsense, affiliate marketing for example. 2. Based upon their experience they have put together their knowledge to build their own product or service or membership site 3.Possibly due to topography or timing, been in the right place at the right time, they have networked with a number of established marketers. 4. They have been successful in building a generous list Armed with these set of circumstances their reputation in their chosen field has paying attention interests from joint venture partners in a finicky product launch. They have attended a seminar in advance of product development and have enlisted support from interested parties, or finally either separately or in combination with these points have had a sizeable enough list to provide weight to their business case of attracting JV partners. In summary one way or another they have been able to bring a valuable asset or resource to the party nice-looking enough to enlist the support and subsequent leverage from the joint venture partners lists. This system appears to be fair and equitable, but how does some one without a product, without a list enlist the support of such highly regarded on-line professionals. You may be thinking not a chance, but the principles above still apply in one sense, you need to find an angle that benefits all parties. Yes it is unlikely that you can offer the same traditional bargaining chips related with joint venture marketing, but if you can take yourself outside the box for a moment you need to consider how an unknown and fair "newbie" can add to the growing kudos of the marketer you are targeting. There can be great promotional profits capable to some one are successful helping some one who needs a helping hand. Give thought to a product approach that can assist that marketers self esteem and you might be on to a winner! http://www.jointwebventures.com http://www.jointventure.infozabout.com
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