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Anotia Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Date Added: December 22, 2007 12:50:18 PM
Category: Health

There are a number of congenital conditions that may be noticeable even as early as a child’s birth. One of these medical cases is anotia. Anotia is characterized by the appearance of relatively small ear/s. In worst cases, there is even the lack of an ear.

Causes of Anotia
Anotia is often related to abnormalities of the body including renal dysfunctions and hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition characterized by decreased amount of thyroid hormones in the body. Other thyroid related conditions could also pose the risk of anotia. Other congenital condition that may be the cause of anotia includes diabetic embryopathy and fatal alcohol syndrome.

Diagnosing Anotia
There are times that a child may experience hearing loss when diagnosed with anotia. Anotia should be evaluated immediately to detect other dysfunctions that it may be related to. The period of gestation, which is about five to seven weeks, is the same period where fetus development is most crucial and this is also the time when thyroid dysfunctions may arise, which can result to anotia.

Treatment for Anotia
Modern studies show that through reconstructive techniques one may actually overcome the appearance of ear malformations. Anotia is not only an aesthetic issue, it can also be the cause of hearing loss and other ear related health conditions. If this is the case, then surgery may well be an efficient solution to the problem. Surgery would not only reconstruct the ear malformations but it can also enhance the auditory system of the person inflicted with anotia.

An auricular reconstruction is a medical technique used to cure anotia. It was tested into the market in 30’s and since then was found to be a great way to restore the normal appearance of the exterior ear. You need to consult a medical expert to evaluate if a person is a good candidate for auricular reconstruction. The surgery may take several visits to your doctor within a six-month span. Treating anotia earlier during a child’s life would actually help him deal with his social life all the better.

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