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How to Remove iPhone Sim Card

Date Added: December 24, 2007 09:15:12 AM
Category: Computers & Internet

The iPhone has hit the stores and there are already many satisfied users of this little innovation that has yet again put Apple at the top of its game. The iphone is a sort of mobile phone that uses a GSM network to operate. This means it needs a sim card to be able to function. The iphone sim card can be bought exclusively at AT&T since iphone and AT&T have reached an agreement regarding the exclusive use of iphone for AT&T.

Removing the Iphone Sim Card

First, before you even try to remove the iphone sim card, you must know what a sim card is. A sim card is a small flat object that carries your telephone number and other connections to your server. To use an iphone, you will need an iphone sim card specifically sold by AT&T.

To locate the iphone sim card, you must tilt the iphone a little for you to see the very top. You will notice three objects in the top of an iphone, a small depression which is the headphone jack, a slim oblong shaped door that has a small pinpoint and a smaller black oblong at the side which is the power button. The middle part is the slim silver "door" with the pinpoint. This is where your iphone sim card is hidden.

You will need a paper clip to be ale to open this "door". You will need to extend on end of the paper clip and poke that end into the small hole. This small hole serves as the locking device for the iphone sim card slot. Once you apply some pressure into the paperclip poked into the small hole, the slot will pop out and reveal your iphone sim card.

There is no word yet regarding AT&T rules concerning fiddling with your iphone sim card. If you are also unsure regarding this, please do not attempt to remove the sim card from the iphone to avoid any nullification or void of your warranty. If you want to replace or put back your iphone sim card, all you have to do is to align the sim card with the small slot that popped out and slowly insert it back into your iphone. You do not have to worry about putting the sim card back the wrong way because it is an irregular shape that can only fit the card slot in a certain way.

By: Raymond Lam

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