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Most Successful Online Business-List Building

Date Added: September 25, 2008 09:59:08 AM
Author: ginfop1
Category: Blogs
Most successful online business owners understand the power of the list building. With a responsive list a business can test out products, increase sales and create an almost passive income stream. So how do online business owners build good lists? See the seven tips below. (1) Use Other People’s Resources if you have the budget for it, buy ad space in a popular newsletter or on a website or blog in a related field. Search out websites or blogs in your niche and check to see if they have an operational newsletter. If they accept advertising you should find a link labeled “Advertise” or “Sponsor” on the site or in the newsletter itself. (2) Use Blogs Setup a free blog at Wordpress.com or Blogger and add new content at least 3-5 times a week. Include a link back to your landing or squeeze page. Blogs are set to “ping” a search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo and Technocratic everytime you add new content. This can bring in a steady stream of new subscribers. (3) Use Co-Registration Sign up for a co-registration service to increase the size of your list quickly. When someone signs up for a newsletter or product demo at another website, a separate link or page will appear asking them if they would like to be added to your email list. A lot of people click yes. This method can be an affordable to add hundreds of people day to your list. (4) Use Classified Ads Use online ads services like Craig list, Spreads or Oodles to post eye catching ads that will lure interested prospects back to your website and email landing page. (5) Write Articles and to submit to Article Directories People love to read useful and interesting how-to articles. Write articles every day and submit them to article directories like Ezine Articles or Go Articles, etc. Make sure you submit your best and most polished articles because you want to people to click on your backline in the resource box. (6) Write Press Releases If you have a new product to launch or a total overall to a service or just have made improvement, you should write a press release. Detail what you have done in a professional “journalistic” style and then submit it to a publicity service such as PR web. Include in the “about” section a backline to your website or to a special demo of the service or product. (7) Offer to Guest Post on a Blog if you are friendly with a blogger in a related field; ask them if you could “guest post” for a few days on their blog. Some bloggers will be open to this especially if they are familiar with your writings. Even the most passionate of blogger becomes overwhelmed with the day-to-day routine of grinding out posts and may be glad for you to “host” their blog for a few days. Thousands of online business owners use tips like these to quickly and easily develop their web presence and build a profitable list. And you can do. http://www.build-huge-list.com
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