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Pinnacle 5 Efficient Tips for List Building

Date Added: September 25, 2008 10:01:57 AM
Author: ginfop1
Category: Blogs
Like all successful Internet marketers always emphasize, the money is in your list. It's is hundred percent true. Whenever there is a new product launch or special promotions, people who are directly in the lists of the Internet marketers are often the first few groups of people to know. Developing long term relationships with your customers is the most important thing that you need to do in all businesses. Having relationships with people, not just your own customers, creates opportunities for you to promote your websites or your own business online. Firstly, get their details if they want to have more information. For all information, please fill up your name and email address here to find out more. I believe you've seen this numerous times, needless to say. Present visitors with short answers or information that they are looking for and direct them to your websites for more information, after they've provided their details. Here's an example, you are selling or promoting a powerful blender and you are selling it online. You can go to websites like Yahoo Answers. Answer questions like 'how to select a good blender', that you have knowledge in and try to be helpful. Finally, always direct them to a squeeze page which basically they need to fill up their details before they can gain access to the full information. You can do that by placing links over at your resource box. Secondly, offer freebies. People love free stuff but that doesn't mean you can offer low quality products to people. For example, you have a rock band and you want to create a large pool of fans by having them as your subscribers of your mailing list. You can offer them a free song, downloadable online, in exchange of their contact details, just by having their names and email addresses will do. One way, to accelerate your number of subscribers, is to promote your splash page over at traffic exchanges. People love free stuff and are more than happy to receive them. Thirdly, place your opt in form at the position that nobody can miss it. If you want to do pop-ups, be careful of how it is appearing to your visitors, always track your performance. Place it at the top left or right side of your website will be fine. Some people actually place opt in form at the end of their blog post; it's getting good results as well. Set your auto responder with automated messages, this will save you time of resending messages that you want to send to your subscribers. You can do it like a weekly training series or a short 5 days course on a particular topic. In between these messages, you dropped in links of what you're promoting, so that people know what solutions you are offering. Lastly, it's all about relationships. Having a moderate list of highly responsive subscribers will beat having a mammoth list of quiet people. You have to try to know them; it's challenging to do that. What probably you can do is encourage them to add you as a friend in Face book or have little chat over at Skye. It's long term; don't go to people only when you want to sell them something. Some people will love to maintain that business relationship but some wants to know more. Be flexible, it's all about relationships with other people. http://www.build-huge-list.com
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