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Magnetize High Quality Visitors With Power Blogging

Date Added: September 25, 2008 10:03:15 AM
Author: ginfop1
Category: Blogs
Getting links from other websites is not the only way to attract visitors to visit your blog. This time, we are going to explore alternative methods to attract high quality traffic with both free and paid methods. Another excellent way to gain traffic is to join internet forums that are based on your niche. You would want the most focused forum with a substantial number of active members, and preferably always bustling with activity. Just check the dates of the threads posted on the forum. The strategy we'll discuss is word of mouth. Let's say you already have a daily visitor count of 100. What if you compiled a small report or gift and posted it on your blog, saying that if a certain visitor can refer three of his/her friends to visit your blog the gift will be his/hers for free? If your small report or gift is lucrative enough, it will generate a small buzz among your blog readers and they will surely refer their friends to this blog that they frequent! You can also utilize the "blog and ping" technique that everyone's talking about. Basically, when you update your blog, you can let blog portals such as www.technorati.com know by pinging them. You can ping a lot of portals at once by using the free www.pingomatic.com. Besides the techniques described here, there are also paid methods like buying links from high-ranking pages or buying banner advertisement space. A thing to keep in mind when buying paid traffic is to always weigh your profits generated from the paid ads. If your profits do no offset the expense, you will end up losing money, so choose wisely. There are several ways to generate profits from the visitors of your blog, and Google's Adsense programmed allows you to do so with ultimate ease. First, visit their website at http://adsense.google.com/. You'll find out more about their advertising programmed there, but here are some extra bits I'd like to tell you. First, Google's Adsense programmed is a really useful way to monetize your blog because when users finish reading your newest post, chances are they want to leave your blog because they have nothing else to do on your blog. If your Adsense advertisement block is visible on your blog, they might see advertisements relevant to them and click on them to exit your blog. Ka-chin! You've just cashed in on your first virtual cents! Another way to earn profits from your blog is to recommend products to your readers. When your visitors buy from the merchants you recommend, you get to keep a little commission too. This is known as affiliate marketing and it is very easy to start because you don't have to create your own products or services. Anyway, let's refer back to our technological gadgets blog example. Let's say you discover this Gadget X on a merchant's website, and they offer an affiliate programmed. What you would do is to create a post in your blog and do a mini-review on this Gadget X. Rip it apart and point out its benefits and bad points, if any, and include a link (which is given by the merchant) for the visitor to purchase the Gadget X online. http://www.your-own-blog.com
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