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How The Blogs Are Profitable ?

Date Added: September 25, 2008 10:41:01 AM
Author: daljit singh
Category: Blogs
Blogs are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they can be put to use for income production. Online Marketers use blogs for marketing and bloggers exploit on that need and make money blogging. So why are blogs so beneficial? Well here are four reasons: Highly Targeted Marketing Blog visitors are there for a particular reason. Blogs, being constantly updated are a great source of information on a particular topic. Visitors become repeat visitors, readers and subscribers. Good blogs, the ones that are maintained and updated regularly can and do have steady readership that keeps coming back awaiting the next post and article. These blogs have audiences allowing marketers and advertisers easy access to particular groups. The bloggers that reviewed the products, even if they where paid to do it, gave me a completely different perception; a perspective that really helped that company make a sale without using any of its own resources to do so! Blogs are Interactive. Readers will post comments, take part in discussions, talk about their experiences about particular products/topics, draw their conclusions and maybe write about the same topic on their blogs. Aside from the extra exposure an advertiser can get it helps build a better presence for their website with more backlinks. More backlinks, means better rankings and as a result better placement on a search engine result page and more money. Building Backlinks All internet marketers are aware of the importance of building backlinks. Ideally, one way links pointing back to their sites. When someone posts a link with a keyword pointing back to their page, it is like a vote; a vote of confidence for that particular site, at least for search engines. In order for, Google, lets say to weed out all the immaterial results from searches, they came up with an algorithm that only shows the most popular pages for that keyword. In order to achieve this they rank pages with more links pointing back to them with particular keywords, better and higher. If you want your page to rank better for searches you should endeavor to get all the backlinks you can find. Other blogs are an outstanding way of getting these links. It is not hard to start a blog and turn it into a money blog. All you need to do is first understand the potential of your blog and then start putting some work in optimizing it. Once you start getting some visitors you can start making money right away. You can make money blogging with paid reviews. Or if you are into Web 2.0, and a fan of social networking, you can still make money blogging with Entrecard.
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