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Make List Building Profitable ,3 Easy Ways .

Date Added: September 29, 2008 05:25:20 AM
Author: Maheshh Kumarrsept
Category: Business & Economy
Every network marketing guru will tell you that the money is in the list, and they would be right. Without a list of hungry buyers, you my friend will starve. When someone new starts a home based business the first thing they are likely to ask their sponsor is "how do I get a list?"  If you have a savvy sponsor he or she will have the answer to that question for you. If you're not so lucky, below is a list of a few ways you can begin to build your own list of prospect and customers for your profit generating list.  Offer something for free:  You have to give something to receive something 'mom told you that I'm sure. If you want people to give you their name and email you have to entice them to do so. Nothing works better than the work FREE! This doesn't have to always be something; it can also be your knowledge. People want to know how you made you riches, share that with them.  Most network marketers offer things like free e-books, reports, interviews with the rich and famous, as long as it has value, and they believe it can help solve their problem they will gladly give you their name and email address.  If you are new to network marketing and don't have giveaways, simply search for free public domain books, you will find something there you can turn into your own. If you don't find something there, try hiring a ghost writer. They may cost a little bit, but you'll make it up in sales from this list you're building.  Pop-Ups:  Are you noticing more pop-ups on sites these days? Well you should they are a very effective way to get someone's information. If you advertise or surf traffic sites you will see some advertisers use drop downs, roll cover’s, closing banners, there are all types of methods to capture the prospects email.  I personally like the exit pop-up. At this point they have a least skimmed your site for information they're looking for. If for some reason that was not very evident on the sales page you have one last opportunity on the exit pop-up. Offer one last "sweat" deal they can't possibly refuse, and of course it should be FREE!  Post your Subscriber box on every page of your website:  This is a clever little trick many new marketers over look. Posting a subscriber box everywhere they look gives your prospect multiple opportunities to take you up on your free offer and if it's on every page they don't have to go looking for it which will increase your odds of capturing that valuable information.  These are a few free and easy ideas you can use to get started building your own profitable list just like the pros. http://www.infozabout.com http://www.build-huge-list.com
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