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Money! Money! Money! – Online Business…

Date Added: September 30, 2008 06:58:43 AM
Author: L.Dinesh Singh
Category: Business & Economy
You've probably seen many, many "become-a-millionaire-in-six-months" schemes on the internet. I certainly have, and I have been tempted to try a few. Thanks to my better judgment, I have not succumbed to them, but they are tempting, aren't they? Don't fall for the "Become a millionaire in 6 months with no effort" line. It is going to take some time for anyone to make a lot of money on the internet, and it will take a lot of effort. But it can be done and very profitably, too. One of the ways to make a LOT of money is to sell a product that everyone wants, and that you own. So how do you go about it? Here is an outline of a way that I have found to be well worth the time and effort. First, how do you find a product that gives you USP (Unique Selling Point), that is, one which separates you from the competition, and gives you an edge. You start by brainstorming some ideas with friends and family, then researching them on-line. You make a list of subjects you are passionate about and subjects you have some expertise in. Find out the ones that are profitable by seeing what the competition are up to. What are their weak points. Find an angle or some process steps that are not covered well, and there is your starting point. Outline your plan for creating the solution to people's problems which your product will answer. Your plan should contain the form of the product, and the means of marketing and delivering it. Then, create the product content in light of the form it will take, that is, E-book, audio or video. The third part to consider is the packaging of the product. You will need graphics, a payment processor, a well written sales page, a download page for internet products, and some ideas for backend sales. Lastly, how are you going to market the product? Here you have a choice of methods, or if you are ambitious, use as many of them as your budget will allow. Find an angle or some process steps that are not covered well, and there is your starting point. You could set up an affiliate program, and have others sell it with you; you could write and submit articles and press releases to spread the word; and/or you could use Google Adwords. http://www.create-online-business.com http://www.infozabout.com As you can see, it is a lot of work, and if you are new, a considerable amount of trial and error - but it can be very fruitful, as I can attest, and it can bring a huge amount of satisfaction to you, as well as the income you are seeking.
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