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Steps to Create a Profitable Niche Blog within A Day

Date Added: October 04, 2008 08:26:21 PM
Author: yadav.amit79
Category: Blogs
Creating profitable niche blogs are now widely used by online marketers as a way to promote their online businesses. Niche marketing has long been hailed by small-time affiliates and even gurus as the way to profit. Undiscovered niches offer little competition and are easier to conquer and definitely ideal for everyone. This article offers some quick steps to creating a profitable niche blog within one day. Imagine how many of such sites can you create in a month and how much you can profit from that! Step 1 – Finding a Good Niche and Products Brainstorm a few ideas, and dig deep into each of the ideas with keyword research tools like Overture, WordTracker and NicheBot Classic. Your goal is to find one with decent number of searches ie there must be sufficient demand. Target one with a search count above 300 at Overture. Once you find some of these ideas, head to do an allintitle search at Google. Type “allintitle: yourkeyword” into the search box and start it rolling. If the number of search results is lower than 500 to 700, then you have hit the jackpot. We have found our target niche. For more recourses www.your-own-blog.com Step 2 – Choosing a Blogging Platform There are dozens of blogs you can use, but I would advise you to use either Blogger or Word Press. Both have its advantages. Blogger is very simple to use and ideal for first time bloggers. Set up does not take you more than 1 hour and you have a blog ready to go. But do not expect too many features. Word Press on the other hand can offer you a lot more features and there are powerful plug-ins you can find online quite easily. Step 3 – Creating Content for your Niche Blog You need good unique content for your blog. Go to Google and search. Take notes at the top 10 websites listed in the search results. Look for at least 6 useful key points. Now, split the 3 key points into 2. Use each group of 3 to create a single blog post in your own words. Each blog post should contain at least 150 to 200 words and contain the affiliate link to your product. Weave the links into your content so that it looks natural. Ok, now you have your posts ready. Step 4 – Promote Your Blog! You are now ready to drive tons of traffic to your niche blog! Now, after each post you put on your blog, ping it at Pingomatic. This will announce it to the search engines to visit your site. Do not forget to find a few blogs related to your niche through Google and start commenting on some of their posts. Target those with a high Page Rank and ranking well in the search engines. Also do the same at related forums. For more details go on www.greatblogbox.com Finally, write an article and post it to GoArticles and EzineArticles. And wait for targeted traffic and sales to start rolling from Day One. Repeat the traffic driving techniques at least once a week and your Page Rank and sales will grow! These are the exact steps needed to take your blog from ground zero to becoming a potential automatic money machine that keeps sending you income.
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