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Mistakes You Could Commit In Sales Letter Writing!

Date Added: October 06, 2008 11:59:02 AM
Author: anju
Category: Arts & Humanities
Sales letters, whether they’re taking the form of an email or direct mail, are easy to write but easy to mess up as well. If you want to make sure that your sales letter writing will achieve your desired results, the following mistakes are something you should avoid committing above all things. There’s nothing wrong with writing sales letters that are more than one page long – if you have confirmation or you’re relatively sure that the reader would welcome a letter of such length. But if it’s your first try to contact a prospective customer then it’s better to play it safe by not going beyond the one page mark. Granted, it might be difficult to compress all the wonderful news you wish to share with your future customers but you really have no choice or simply visit www.the-gurus-apprentice.com Instead of thinking about this as a reduced marketing opportunity, why not see it as a way of encouraging more interest from your readers? Rather than give everything away, consider giving them just a bite or a teaser of what they can expect. And if they take the bait then that’s when you can write to your heart’s content. If you hadn’t bothered to research about the full name of your recipient then don’t expect your recipient to bother reading the rest of your sales letter as well. Showing courtesy is an essential part of sales letter writing, and the first way to show that is by addressing your letter properly. Know who you’re writing to. That’s the first rule of all. Secondly, know how they prefer to be addressed. Some people prefer an informal approach by having the letter addressed in their first name while others prefer a more formal tone. Knowing the preferences of your readers is a privilege that small businesses and not large ones have because the comparatively smaller size of their markets. If, however, you don’t have the time to do the same, simply base your decision on your knowledge of and familiarity with your target market. Like www.web-sales-letter-supreme.com you’ve written a great sales letter, and you’ve successfully convinced your reader to avail of your company’s products or services. Your job is finished, right? Wrong! It doesn’t end there and those who had thought so have committed one of the worst mistakes they could do in sales letter writing. Go back to the basics of sales letter writing and ask yourself what’s your objective. It’s to sell products or services, right? Convincing your readers that they need what you’re selling is therefore simply the first step in the process. Your job isn’t over until your reader successfully completes the transaction. Consequently, your letter must include clear instructions as to what the reader must do in order to perform the desired action. Links must be clearly visible and identifiable. Additional information must also be provided either on the letter itself or to the landing page. Anticipate possible questions and concerns your reader may have and address all of them in your FAQ section. Again, make sure you provide a clear link to this in your landing page or letter. The success of sales letters doesn’t rely solely on your choice of words. It also relies on the credibility of your business and your letter. Start with your email address. It must be valid, preferably a paid account, and using a name that perfectly symbolizes the essence of your company. Thirdly, use a credible sounding subject line and not one that contains false promises. Lastly, provide a link for readers who wish to know more of your company. The willingness to give information about your business is always considered a good sign by readers. Features are important, yes, but they’re important because of the benefits they provide, and that’s what your sales letter should emphasize! If you’re selling a mobile phone, you don’t merely stop at mentioning it has a 3.0MP camera feature but you go on by saying how the mobile phone makes it convenient for people to take photos that are clear as those provided by a number of digital cameras. http://www.10steps-to-killer-web-copy.com http://www.sales-letter-secret.com
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