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Simple Way to Sell MLM Products

Date Added: October 09, 2008 05:44:10 PM
Author: Pushkar
Category: Business & Economy
One of the greatest "secrets" (although it's not really a secret) of being taken seriously in any profession is to simply write a book. And so if you are in MLM and sell health products, for example, and want your friends and family to take you seriously (instead of running away from you), tell them you are an author of a book about nutrition, first. Then try to sell them a product or whatever. Why? Because people have an automatic respect for published authors. That's just the way people are. You're like that, I'm like that, and everybody is like that. And when we read books on a subject, we automatically assume the author is an expert on the subject of his or her book. For help visit www.product-creation-innovation.com Even on subjects that have nothing to do with your expertise. I know it is strange, but for whatever reason, we are conditioned from a very early age to think anyone who writes a book is an expert. And that's what's so great about being published if you are selling something most people tend to shy away from hearing about. Because that title of "author" positions you as an expert. Only question is how do you write a book? Isn't it this hard, complex thing? The answer to this is "No!" In fact, if you are really scared to write a book, you can simply arrange and record interviews with experts on a subject. Create written transcripts from your recorded interviews and then turn the written transcripts of that interview into a book. Or, you can go to the library, take a bunch of notes, string them together in logical order and you have your book. Personally, I like the idea of interviewing experts on a subject to get great content for a book. Your book doesn't have to be long or even published by a major publisher. Simply visit www.product-creation-secrets.com you can do it yourself. Just put a neat cover on it and have it done up at your local printer and there you have a book. You are no longer "that guy who is always trying to peddle me MLM." Instead, you're an author. You have a book. You are an expert on something and now all the sudden people want to hear what you have to say and when you sell them a product, they almost feel honored to do business with you. It changes the entire complexion of your business and the way people react to you. Bottom line: This is definitely one of the best kept secrets of MLM. And anyone can do it.
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