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Asthma and Related Conditions

Date Added: January 01, 2008 10:07:04 PM
Category: Health

Asthma is a condition that is brought about by many factors. It is a common affliction across the globe. Studies have shown that younger boys are more prone to asthma than girls. Here we will look into the various factors that can have an effect on asthmatic patients.

Hereditary factors seem to play a vital role in causing asthma. It is likely that a child can suffer from asthma if both parents as well as anyone in the family are asthmatics. There is a much greater chance for a child to get asthma if the parents are both asthmatic. Likewise, the symptoms are prominent during the early years. In extrinsic asthma, the symptoms manifested are not only that of asthma but also of other infectious or non-infectious disease.

In addition, certain infections likewise result to the occurrence of asthma. Wheezing, shortness of breath, cold, or chest congestion are very evident in children. Communicable and non-communicable diseases such as pneumonia, whooping cough, tonsils, and adenoids can lead to asthma during the early years of life. Allergic reactions can immediately develop due to allergens. The exposure to allergens can result to an infection.

Expression of emotions is known to trigger asthma as well. People who are emotional have the tendency to develop allergies. When their emotions flare up this could result to asthmatic episodes. At the same time, strong emotions can result to difficulty in evaluating and treating the manifestations. Thus, it is very important that the doctor determines all the causes and then study the possibilities individually before making their final recommendation on the treatment method.

The climate also plays an important role on how asthmatics adjust to their surrounding. Asthmatic people show less asthmatic symptoms in dry weather conditions than in hot and humid conditions. Mountainous regions where the climate is colder is more ideal than along the seashore. However, this is not always true as some people have the tendency to manifest asthmatic conditions less than in mountain regions.

The reaction to climatic conditions may vary from one person to another. Other factors that have a vital role in triggering asthma are the wind, changes in the altitude, and atmospheric pressure. Heavy winds are likewise agents that can trigger asthma. Sudden decrease in the atmospheric pressure may result to sever manifestations of asthma. This decrease is evident prior to a thunderstorm and may elevate the severity of the symptoms. Some people have a unique way of minimizing the symptoms when they move to higher places.

In general, patients suffering from extrinsic asthma show asthmatic symptoms in occupations that can expose them to allergens. The factory setting may likewise result to asthma because of the presence of raw materials. There are various symptoms that may manifest but it may take some time to show up after being exposed to the allergens.

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