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Asthma Triggers and Precautions

Date Added: January 01, 2008 10:08:12 PM
Category: Health

When there's difficulty in breathing, is that asthma? This is what most people conclude when there's even the slightest sign of breathing difficulty. But what really is asthma?

Asthma is considered a disease of the lungs. It's not just an ordinary virus attack that occurs now and then. Most viral infections just go away. Asthma needs serious and immediate medical attention. It is caused by "triggers" or allergens that stimulate air passage constriction, blocking oxygen to the lungs. When this happens, the lungs are deprived of substantial amounts of oxygen and the heart also does overtime work. We know for a fact that the heart pumps oxygen into the blood stream to nourish vital organs. All these may be affected by a severe asthma attack.

Common triggering elements are usually airborne. They cause difficulty in breathing, panting with sound or wheezing, some chest pains, coughing, some pressure on the chest. Triggers come in various forms. Mold growths on moist surfaces are one. When there's lack of free air circulation and humidity is too much in a room or area, asthma can be triggered. Hence, clean exhaust fans necessary. Shower curtains, tubs, lavatories, basins, toilet bowls, etc., ought to be checked for allergens as aforesaid. Check the plumbing and air-conditioning systems (leaky pipes and tubular connections).

Then check the bedroom, specifically the bed itself. Make sure everything is dust-free and extra clean. What we're watching for are dust mites invisible to the naked eyes. Check especially the pillows, bedspread, and bed sheets. Check air-con ventilators, electric fans, and exhaust fans for dusts. The curtain rooms may also be a culprit. The thing is to keep everything fresh and frequently cleaned or washed and properly dried.

Cigarette and cigar smoke is also a no-no. Check especially second-hand or minor stream smoke---or smoke coming from another smoker. Make sure to keep away from smoking areas. Another dangerous culprit is a burning cigarette butt. This is smoke source is commonly ignored. Thus, a very practical precaution against asthma is to avoid or cut smoking.

Cockroaches are not just house pests, they may also trigger asthma. Make sure the room or area where asthma sufferers are is free of cockroach wings, legs, and other body parts. Cockroach eggs and wastes must also be thoroughly cleaned. The spot where cockroaches frequently gather also emit a nasty odor and must be cleaned and sprayed with disinfectants.

Asthma is a lung disease triggered by allergens. Thus, the basic thing is to avoid triggering elements. Knowing these can quite possibly save your life or the life of a loved one.

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