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Make a User Friendly Website!

Date Added: October 10, 2008 11:25:51 AM
Author: ramesh320360
Category: Business & Economy
In today’s technology driven market, building websites for promoting a business has become the most efficient tool with almost cent percent results. Considering the vast plethora of websites available in the same genre of work, the basic strategy behind its success is its popularity amongst the masses. It can be easily framed as – “It’s not just the process of getting visitors, but forcing them to visit again and again.” For such high levels of perfection in this competitive field, if you expect your visitors to help you grow your business, the relationship is supposed to be mutual. The reader must get what he wants in order to cater back to your expectations. Hence, a website, that is completely user friendly, attractive and easy to handle is any day preferred in the pool of the similar sites. Here are a few points that might just help those who are planning of building a website in the near future. The first and the most basic point that usually is given a miss while planning a website is to keep in mind the targeted audience you can visit www.javascript-magic.com The site that you are working on is meant to grab visitors. Say it is a general site targeted at the novice who might just not be able to navigate through it due to its complicated nature. This is a straight failure of the strategy as you’ve lost the customer. It is a common notion that people tend to skip a site if the content is not well placed and looks too overloaded. It is always advisable to plan the placing and size of paragraphs so that it gives out the important details without pissing off the reader. Attractive graphics have a strong first impact on the viewer, but exaggeration on a single page could deviate the customer from the real information. Also, it would take a longer time for the page to open up, hence giving a direct negative impression. Taking surveys and offering coupons is an effective scheme of luring people for a revisit or go to www.great-links-toyour-website.com http://www.instant-szueeze-page-mastery.comThis also helps you keep your customers updated of the progressions of the company as you have their e mail ids. Also, the surveys give a gist of the likes and dislikes of the concerned people. NEVER change logos for the same product on two different pages. Not only does this signify your unprofessional behavior, but also leads to devastating results like losing a majority of the customers. Always stick to one logo and similar text styles for the contact info. In case of a change in the logo or contact information, make an official announcement on the site. Your website gives a clear picture of your business and how professional your team is. Keeping in mind these very basic points, you can win a permanent customer ship and see your business constantly rise.
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