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Guitar Hero III - The Difficulty Brick Wall - Part One

Easy is essentially just that; easy. If you have troubles with any particular track just practice it in the practice mode until you can maintain a decent notes-hit percentage.

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Playstation 3 - Array Enjoy the Modern Games: the new generation of Consoles

Playing video games on a computer or a TV monitor is popular among kids and teenagers. However, the adults and elderly persons can also find several video games for them. The overall interface, graphics and sound quality of the latest games have improved now. The gamers can find attractive story line and computer added help links at different places in the game. To play these modern games, one needs to have advanced gaming consoles.

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Age of Empires III (PC) Review

The Age of Empire name is a long series in the real time strategy realm. With the introduction of Age of Empires 3, players are forwarded several hundred years into the future since the last game by replacing old units like catapults and swordsman for cannons and musketeers.

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Popular Game - Final Fantasy on Xbox360

Ever since we heard that there was Final Fantasy on Xbox360, there has been nothing but praise and adoration. Final Fantasy is basically a series of computer and console role-playing games that are produced by the company Square Enix, which is considered as being one of the most widely-distributed video game franchises of all time.

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