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Need of time management training.

Date Added: October 20, 2008 08:28:17 AM
Author: Mohit Bansal
Category: Blogs: Making Money
So little time so much to do, a line that sounds all too familiar for almost everyone whether you’re an employee or a housewife. It gives you the feeling to add more hours in the day just so you can accomplish everything. Can time really be managed when you can’t control its movement? Time management training is more of being able to manage the time that you actually have; the ability to make the most out of your time or your day. It is not just about having a day-to-day plan, time management training lets you learn the ability to prioritize things and be able to maximize time to improve productivity whether at work or at home. If you are still wondering what you need time management training for, below are the things considered to be a waste of your precious time. • No set daily plan • Poor setting of priorities • Phone calls • Doing things simultaneously. It may seem like the best thing to do but you might just end up not being able to finish anything by attempting to do things all at the same time. • Poor task delegation. There are some tasks that can be given to other people. Give yourself a break and give other people a chance to settle things. • Cluttered desk. Having a disorganized desk is already stressful especially when you can’t find what you are looking for. Clean desk saves you a lot of time and visual stress. • Procrastination. You know you lack time, don’t waste it by doing nothing. Once you undergo time management training, you will have a totally different outlook on how you work and on how you spend your day. Time management training will give you basic steps on how to combat time stealers. • Clear your desk. Clear your mind Philosophy. • Have a daily plan and incorporate your daily priorities and objectives. • Stick to deadlines so you won’t have to adjust everything. • No procrastination • Do not entertain non-important calls. If you must, make phone calls very brief. • Delegate tasks • Perform the most difficult job when you are at your best. • Learn how to say no to tasks that you think will accumulate too much of your time. • Give yourself a time to take a breather especially when you feel you are not functioning well enough to perform. You might just ruin your work more. By taking breaks, you also avoid stress to come over you. Stress is not a time-killer but a mind-killer. Upon completing time management training, you will be more aware of how you spend your time and you are expected to take action in order to perform effectively and efficiently. You will learn how to prioritize, to create a daily plan and to avoid procrastination. Time management training helps you to pick up skills required to finish goals, achieve work-life balance, and be more productive.
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